Brewers Fan Favorite 2009: Round 1 Concludes

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

This weekend, Villanueva and McClung rolled while the other two races were pretty tight.

It was nice to see Chris Capuano get a respectable amount of votes probably meaning that not everyone has given up on the guy.

Mat Gamel has the first upset of the Bracket, which tells us that Brewer fans are fed up with Bill Hall and are ready for the future.

Mike Cameron was able to fend off the other top prospect, Alcides Escobar, but not by terribly much.

Here are the final results:

Cameron DEF Escobar 60% - 40%

Gamel DEF Hall 59% - 41%

Villanueva DEF Capuano 73% - 27%

McClung DEF Riske 81% - 19%


Here’s the updated bracket:

This round might give us some more upsets and close matches:

Polling for this round, which is the end of Round One, will end Wednesday Night!