Could Mark Sanchez Replace Peyton Manning in Indianapolis?

Azz ChapperContributor IMarch 9, 2009

Did Peyton give the Colts brass a warning that his days are numbered in Indy? Does he want to retire healthy? Is breaking every NFL passing record not that important to surefire Hall of Famer? Does he not care about the "streak" of consecutive games? Does he not want to do more "priceless" MasterCard commercials? Does he not want to keep licking Oreos?

Millions of dollars in the bank and a healthy body in your late 30s is all that many of us could ask for in life. Well, Manning may just be achieving what most of the couch potatoes dream of in the next few years.

According to the LA Daily News, USC quarterback Mark Sanchez "is expected to perform private workouts for the New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts before participating in USC's Pro Day on April 1."

Was the meeting this week with Sanchez a good one? Could he be the next Aaron Rodgers? The Colts brass will not answer any of our questions, but don't be surprised if they make an attempt to move up a bit and snag their "new future"!