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J. RobinsonCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

When I first got into writing about my views in wrestling, I started on Amazon forums. I met some buds like Scotty Miller, Joseph Daniel and my B/R idol Josh Swell. Guys who had vaild, smart points. And whether you agreed with them, you still respect what came out of their mouths.

When I got out of work tonight earlier, I checked my e-mail and the forums from Amazon were updated. There was one i participated in dubbed: Why People Hate John Cena.

There were three newer posts; two from the same person and guy who responded. We will use pet names instead of there real identities.

The fisrt person, Simba, wrote that John Cena was not stale, and he deserves to be pushed even further. he also said if you weren't down with that, than you can suck it. I just laughed.

Then Kilowatt, the person who responded, said that Simba was a typical John Cena fan, and that its was great addition to the thread. He also added that he hopes Simba enjoys his birthday on December 9.

So I started to respond to both of these people, but then I figured it would be best if I just made it an article on B/R.

I am a John Cena fan but I do believe his act is getting lame. He's another Hulk Hogan. He quit the rapping gimmick because of his movie The Marine. Then he started showing respect to everyone who deserved it. Sounds familiar...

I think he should go back to the thug gimmick. It was entertaining and that's why people loved him. Even when he was a heel, he got cheered, thats why he got the push and the babyface turn. But once he dropped that gimmick and became a kiss ass, it just went down hill.

Vince is all about money. So he will put his top guys in his movies to make more money. But what Vince doesn't realize is Cena lost some respect as a wrestler because of those movies. Sounds familiar...

Opposite Kane and Triple H, who had movie parts based off of there personalities. To me, that was a good move. Kane was a killer in a horror movie. In the WWE, Kane is supposed to be this scary persona. Triple H was a bad guy in Blade 3, just like he was a heel in the WWE.

But just like this guy i grew up loving that did some movies and lost some respect as a wrestler from some fans, the same thing happened to John Cena. That is why people started to boo Cena. he lost some of that entertainment value. Don't get me wrong, John Cena is very entertaining, but not to every single fan in the world.

John is a popular guy, and that is why he got his push. But does he need to continued to be pushed, no. He needs a break from the gold. He has another movie coming out for christ sakes, the man just needs to wrestle. And some may say John Cena does not have talent in the ring. But in my view, if you can go into the ring with all your entertainment hype, and work your butt off for these fans, you got something. He doesn't have to be the best, but John Cena puts his heart out there in every match. Personally, that is the guy I want to spend my money on. Even if he just told the world he loved Vickie Guerrerro. YUCK!

Anyways, all I'm saying is that John Cena somewhat deserves the push that he gets because he puts his heart into every match. I think that if Cena goes back to the first John Cena that we knew, (after running around in neon pink tights) that maybe things will be neutral. Although this new Cena is kinda funny. If your watching, RAW, then you know what im talking about.

Love Peace And Chicken Grease