Aussie Bowlers, the Ball Is in Your Court, (hands)!

stoph verismoContributor IMarch 9, 2009

Here it comes... the crunch!

With Pontings quick declaration on day 4, the question begs to be asked, can the Aussies make the definitive statement- WE ARE BACK!

The SCG test win may have just been the RSA displaying that typical anomaly- the dead rubber loss. The first South African test displayed to me that the more complete changes made by the selectors have created the nucleus of a competitive team; made all the more impressive by Johnson's continued ability to lead the bowling attack, and with Siddle just getting better innings by innings too.

So now we have had the aforementioned players performing, Hughes with back-to-back tons and the team poised to take the series if they can take 7 wickets on the last day.

It looks like nearly everyone in team is pulling their weight; a nice change from having bowlers batting better than most of the batsmen, and part time bowlers taking wickets!

Day four was hardly the best for cricket viewing: 244 RSA runs and 2 wickets. With Smiths mangled hand, day 5 needs either 302 runs or 7 wickets must fall.

On the face of it (if you use the previous day as a benchmark as to how the wicket is playing out), the match looks like fizzing out to a draw... unless this new found Australian bowling structure takes control.

There is still plenty within the RSA batting line up- particularly with Kallis and DeVilliers at the crease- but this match, and the series, is really there to be won by the Aussie bowlers, in three sessions or less.

As an Australian, and one that has pushed for team change, i would like to think they can produce a win- preferably in the last session, just to tease it out for viewers/fans/and to break the hearts of the South Africans!

stoph verismo