Sunderland's Djibril Cisse Annoyed By Unknown Future

Daniel ChesterCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

With his outrageous style and hair, Djibril Cisse arrived in England knowing that he was going on a season long loan from Marseille to Sunderland. But it seems that being in limbo as to whether he will be staying in England is something Cisse cannot get his head around.

The flamboyant Frenchman knew at the start of the season that his future would be sorted out come the end of May. Obviously not knowing that the credit crunch would become such a problem in making his move permanent he would of expected Sunderland to make a move by now.

He knows that if he performs week in and week out, and if Sunderland stay in the Premier League—which is looking increasingly likely—then he will stay in England where he believes he is destined to be.

He has already made it clear that he does not want to go back to France.

On the possibility of returning to Marseille when speaking to the Sunderland Echo he said, "I really don't want to go back." Making it apparent that he would not be welcomed back there by the fans and should plan for life away from there come the end of the season.

If he truly knew that he wasn't going to be a Sunderland player once the season is over, he would not of ventured into the clothing market and opened up his own store in Newcastle, unless he wanted to lose a shed load of money.

The modern footballer needs to learn to not make this big of a deal when there are more people in the world with much bigger problems than knowing where they will be living in the next three months.

Whether it be France or the North East of England he is a lot better off than most of us right now.