0-32 ?

Vincent LinContributor IMarch 9, 2009

Can our nitty, nutty Lions do it again?

Hey, it could happen. 0-32 isn't out of the realm of possibilities.

Detroit's schedule for the 2009-2010 season:

Home: Chicago, Green Bay, Minnesota, Arizona, St. Louis, Washington, Cleveland, Pittsburgh

Away: Chicago, Green Bay, Minnesota, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, Baltimore, Cincinnati

It sure doesn't help Detroit's cause when it has three playoff caliber teams in its division. Take a look at the rest of DET's schedule and there are three teams that the Lions should circle on their calendar: St. Louis, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. So hey, win 1/3 from this group and you're exempt from history for a year!

But there have been no wholesale changes. No drastic overhaul. No added sex appeal. Let's take a look at Detroit's offseason thus far:

  • May 2- Bryant Johnson WR--> probably best fit as a #3 WR
  • May 4- Grady Jackson DT--> lands a 3-year deal at age 36.
  • May 4- Phil Buchanon CB--> talented, corner; fit in well at TB
  • May 5- Damion Cook T--> solid backup
  • May 7- Daniel Loper T--> another, another backup

Yeah, Mr. GM Martin Mayhew's done a great job of adding much needed depth to his squad but...but!! You have $26m in cap space, man. Your team is coming off the worst season in NFL History.

Your starting quarterback is a man named Daunte Culpepper.Your second string quarterback is Drew Stanton: he's inexperienced and unproven. Your third string quarterback? Drew Henson. Why is the guy even in football? He should've been in the majors by now already!

Your defense was dead last in points allowed per game, yards allowed per game, rushing yards allowed per game, and near the bottom in passing yards allowed per game. Offensively? Let's not even go there..

You should've went after Bart Scott, Terrell Owens, Brian Dawkins, Lito Shepphard,  and even Matt Cassell—an emerging young quarterback, what's not like to like about him? And the Patriots only requested a second rounder from the Chiefs in exchange for Cassell and Vrabel because they felt KC wasn't going to be stiff competition, anyway. Imagine what the Lions could've offered for Cassell...

You should go after TJ Houshmandzadeh, Ray Lewis, and well, whoever else is out there. True, you guys already have "Transformer" Calvin Johnson as your No. 1 receiver but imagine the nightmares daunting a duo of Houshmandzadeh and Transformer. When you have two Mega-Receivers out there at the same time like that, that's impressive.

But why would the big name free agents even want to sign with the Motor City in the first place? If I were Ray Lewis, I sure as hell wouldn't want to become a Lion. With such a glaring losing tradition in recent years, the Detroit Lions definitely are not an attractive venue for most NFL players.

So how does Detroit get away from this? If the front office keeps leaning on the backs of youth and underperforming veterans in hopes of reaching the playoffs, sit back, fasten your seatbelt, 'cause we're in for a long ride..

Detroit absolutely needs to acquire a superstar. LaDainian Tomlinson? No way, not in a snowball's chance, right? Call me crazy but Detroit has what the Chargers want: Promising young players, high draft picks, and salary space. San Diego's already committed to Darren Sproles as its "franchise" running back, so why not give it a shot?

Make an offer for LT, and see what happens. The Lions so desperately need that one man to market around, the one leader who will bring everybody together and actually give Detroit a chance to win games.

Even though he's nearing the end of his career, LT would definitely change the personality of the Detroit locker room for the better. Guys like him are exactly what teams like Detroit need. LT is a fighter. He's a winner. He's an icon. He would change the face of the franchise, and make the Lions relevant again.

With a guy like Tomlinson, I guarantee Detroit wins a game early on in the season and doesn't have to go through all the mind-wrecking turmoil of going winless late in the year again. But oh well, it's all just a pipe dream...Let's get the popcorn ready. Time for some real entertainment. The Lions might just do it again!

Man, if we want to settle down, we really gotta tell Danny Ainge to become the ringmaster of this circus...