Will the Cincinnati Reds and Cleveland Indians Ever Meet in the World Series?

Cory HolibaughCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

Since the World Series was created in 1903, The New York Yankees have met up with teams within their state in the World Series multiple times.

They've faced the New York Giant six times with a record of 4-2, the Brooklyn Dodgers seven times with a record of 6-1, and the New York Mets once, as they beat the Mets in that single matchup

That's seven intra-state matchups for the Yankees. The only other same-state teams to have faced one another in the World Series are the Chicago White Sox and the Chicago Cubs (in 1906 with a 1-0 record), the St.Louis Browns and the St. Louis Cardinals (in 1944 with a 1-0 record), and most recently, the Oakland Athletic and the San Fransisco Giants (in 1989 with a 1-0 record).

My point is that a intra-state matchup is extremely rare, and yet, the Yankees have been in 14 of the 17 in history. Wouldn't it be nice to see other teams matchup like this?

The Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds would be a nice matchup. Ohio is a much quieter state than New York and California. A World Series like this would be one for the ages. But what are the chance of this happening? Very rare!!

The Indians and Reds are contenders, but both have to prove that they can come close to the playoffs, let alone the World Series. As a fan of both teams, this matchup would come close to my heart.

Moreover, these teams are good-hearted teams. Not much publicity is sought out by either team. A matchup like this would just be pure baseball. Ohio fans can only pray this World Series will ever happen.