The Official WWE Dream Draft: Which Superstars Belong On Which Programs

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIMarch 10, 2009

The WWE will be conducting their annual draft within the next few months. Upon this announcement, many fans have already began to speculate which Superstars will end up on which programs.

Although I do not claim to have all of the answers, what I can do is provide a potential dream-draft for all of my fellow wrestling fans. Prepare yourselves, the ideal draft selections are about to be revealed.

John Cena (drafted to Smackdown)

John Cena has already began to break down the barriers or program restraints. Multiple times he has appeared on Smackdown in pursuit of Edge's World Heavyweight Championship. I would not be surprised to see him included in a Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania XXV.

Cena has long been a Superstar who has attracted a young demographic. Since most Smackdown shows begin before the time that a Raw show would begin, it would make it easier for parents to bring their younger children to the events to cheer for their favorite hero.

Cena made his debut on Smackdown, and I feel that his return could provide a fresh dose of entertainment; as well as provide a dynamic chemistry needed to work with Edge and La Familia.

M.V.P. (drafted to Raw)

I feel that it is about time for MVP to get a change of scenery.

He has always been a Smackdown Superstar, and it has worked well for him. The issue is that he has feuded with just about everyone and is in need of fresh talent to work with.

Seeing the VIP Lounge on Raw could have the potential to be entertaining, as well as it would be to see MVP engage in new rivalries.

Evan Bourne (drafted to Smackdown)

Although I feel that a lot of people would like to see Bourne drafted to Raw, I feel that Smackdown would be a better stepping-stone for him. I don't want to see him rushed onto the flagship show just yet, and I feel that Smackdown would be a better fit for him.

With the exception of Jeff Hardy, it would be nice to see a quality high-flier make his way onto the Smackdown program. I say take it one step at a time. This year Bourne should go to Smackdown, next year maybe he can be promoted to Raw.

Kizarny (drafted to ECW)

The insanity of Kizarny being featured on a program that is supposed to be hardcore. Seems like a perfect combination to me. ECW is in need of some good entertainment and I think that Kizarny could provide that while also fitting in with the theme of the program.

Shelton Benjamin (drafted to Raw)

Like MVP, Shelton Benjamin is also in need of a change of scenery. He has been the United States Champion for far too long. It's not that he has been a bad champion, he's just been booked in a bit of a boring fashion.

He would do well competing with fellow mid-card wrestlers in Raw. I see great potential in Benjamin once again becoming a quality Intercontinental Champion.

Rey Mysterio (drafted to Smackdown)

Rey never really wanted to leave Smackdown in the first place. He's had a little bit of a hard time fitting in on Raw. The one role he seems to play over and over again is the underdog vs. a larger Superstar, and those rivalries do not showcase Rey's talents properly.

I'd love to see him be featured on a program where he would work with Evan Bourne on a regular basis. Smackdown would be the best place for Rey.

Umaga (drafted to Raw)

If he can remain healthy (and that's a big "if"), I'd like to see Umaga come back to Raw. He has not gone over too well on Smackdown, even though a lot of that has to do with injury, but I just feel that he would be a better fit back on Raw.

I wouldn't mind someone like Armando Estrada coming back to reprise the role he once had with Umaga. That was the time period in which both characters were used the best, and I'd like to see it again.

JBL (drafted to Smackdown)

It is about time for JBL to go back home. Not that I feel that he did a fantastic job on Smackdown to begin with, but he certainly has no business competing with the likes of Randy Orton or Shawn Michaels on Raw.

Send JBL back to a brand where we might almost be able to believe that he could make something of a minor impact. He'd be a better fit competing for the United States Championship instead of the World Heavyweight Championship, but I'm not getting my hopes up that high.

Mr. Kennedy (drafted to ECW)

I know that many people might feel that Mr. Kennedy is too good for a program like ECW, but they have to get something out of this draft.

Let's face it, Mr. Kennedy is not looking like he's going to become World Champion any time soon, so wouldn't it be best to send him to a program with a Championship he's capable of winning?

Better than having him become irrelevant amongst all of the mid-card wrestlers on Smackdown.

Christian (drafted to Smackdown)

Christian needs to be on a bigger program than ECW. There would be the natural fit to have him work with Edge. I think that this would be a good way to bring Christian back into the limelight.

Triple H (drafted to Raw)

Raw was The Game's first true original home. His best years since the brand expansion  came on Monday Night's. With his feud building with Randy Orton, I feel it would be best to have him officially make a jump to the program he's be best featured on in the first place.

He was drafted to Smackdown to help lend credibility to the brand when it switched to My Network TV. He has done that and can now return to the same show that also happens to feature his wife, Stephanie McMahon.

Batista (drafted to Smackdown)

He's going to need to get his rivalry with Randy Orton out of the way with first, but when that happens, Batista would make a much better fit on Smackdown. He was much better back when he was on Smackdown and became stale very quickly on Raw.

His character is too one-dimensional to be featured on Raw, so I feel it would be a better use of his star-power to make him a feature attraction on Smackdown.

So, those are my thoughts for what might make a great 2009 WWE Draft. I doubt that we will see all of those suggestions happen but there is nothing wrong with crossing your fingers and hoping for something exciting to go down.

Those are my thoughts, what are yours?



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