UFC Video: Predicting the Next Champions in Each UFC Weight Class

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Predictions are a tricky thing. 

Even trying to figure out who will win individual fights at upcoming events is a difficult thing to do. Mixed martial arts is just one of those crazy sports that's impossible to predict with any degree of certainty because so many things can happen once the cage door closes. Remember when Matt Serra beat Georges St-Pierre? The odds of that happening were astronomical, and yet it happened. 

And so, even though I would be best described as "average" when it comes to predicting fights, I'm going to take a long look into my cheap crystal ball and try to determine who the next champion will be in each UFC weight class. I may get some of these right. With my luck, I'll get them all wrong.

But I want to pose the same question to you, the reader: Who will hold the belt next in each UFC weight class, from heavyweight all the way down to flyweight? Check out the video above and then leave your answers in the comments below.

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