Red Bull Stratos 2012: Updated Launch Date, Time, Live Stream and Jump Info

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Red Bull Stratos 2012: Updated Launch Date, Time, Live Stream and Jump Info
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For the second time in as many days, you're going to have to wait to watch Felix Baumgartner free-fall over 22 miles from the sky to the earth.

It appeared as though the daredevil's Red Bull sponsored skydive from the stratosphere—man, that's fun to say—was going to go off without a hitch on Wednesday afternoon, but as the wind kicked up, the crew was forced to cancel the mission for the second consecutive day (via Red Bull Stratos' Twitter account):

You may think wind is the type of minor detail that someone as extreme as Baumgartner shouldn't worry about, but in case you weren't sure, skydiving 22 miles isn't exactly the safest thing in the world. Everything absolutely must be perfect. 

There's no point in risking anything. 

Fortunately for fans ready to witness this historic record-setting event, Baumgartner and his crew aren't ready to give up. Unfortunately, the weather over 150,000 feet above sea level isn't exactly cooperating.

Updated Launch Date and Time

As of now, no date or time is set in stone, however, meteorologist Don Day confirmed that Thursday is not possible because of more ugly weather conditions. The next available date for a clear jump would be Sunday, October 14 (via Red Bull Stratos' Twitter account):

You have to think that if the launch date keeps getting pushed back, the entire project will eventually be scrapped. Roswell, New Mexico, is certainly a warmer environment, but as we proceed further into October and potentially beyond, the dangerous stratosphere temperatures will only get colder, and the risks will only increase.

Nonetheless, for the time being, make sure to mark your calender for this Sunday, although nothing has officially been decided. 

Make sure to follow the Red Bull Stratos Twitter account and blog for continual updates. 

Live Stream

There are several different places you can watch Baumgartner's mission:, and will all broadcast the action live as it happens.

Red Bull really has its bases covered, apparently. 

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