Jason Terry Flips Script, Asks Fans for Autograph in Awesome NOC Video

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Jason Terry is already making quite the impression in Boston, taking to the streets to cause unexpected waves of smiles. 

The good people at NOC decided fans needed to meet the newest Boston Celtics player, a 35-year-old who suited up for the Dallas Mavericks for a good portion of his career. 

That fact would normally make fans a little cautious about embracing this man who is pegged to take the place of the beloved Ray Allen, a sharpshooter who left to play for the enemy in Miami. 

Some might say the best way to introduce yourself to the city and ingratiate yourself with fans would be to go out and sign autographs. 

Terry does one better and decided to ask for autographs.

That being said, I'm sure there were more than a few cases of Terry putting pen to paper as well. 

The reactions, simply, are priceless. 

Some fans don't seem to know who he is—maybe he's an uber-Celtics fan who likes to wear a headband around town?

Others know who Terry is and can't contain the smiles. 

Of course, this is just a silly idea that makes for a great video, but it makes for an interesting idea as well. I challenge other stars of sport to hit the streets and ask for the autographs of those people who buy the tickets and wear the expensive paraphernalia. 

It doesn't take much time, and the result is well worth it.  

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