Debate: 2012 Gamecocks Different Than Underachievers of Recent Years?

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Debate: 2012 Gamecocks Different Than Underachievers of Recent Years?

Are the 2012 Gamecocks, currently ranked #3 in the polls, different than the teams of the past who were destined to drop a game on the big stage? What makes this year squad more apt to handle the pressure? Has coach Spurrier shown a particular ability to lead this years team, or does that responsibility fall on the captains?


The 2012 Gamecocks have looked exceedingly strong so far, let's debate why they are, or aren't, inclined to continue their success throughout the rest of the season. Feel free to throw in your thoughts on past recruiting, leadership, fan/community support, coaching decisions, schedule strength, and more, as we talk about the hottest riser in college football, the South Carolina Gamecocks.


Agree with someone's comment? Vote for it to make the Debate Highlights section. Disagree with a comment? Reply and voice your opinion. Happy Debating!

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A lot of schools may have better recruiting classes (uga). They sit around and hope these players use all these "stars" they acquired from recruiting ...
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The main reason this team is different is because they bought into the team idea. In the past we had a lot of players that were all about their self a...
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I think it 1 Big difference: The QB position is solidified with a tough natural leader and a winner. I remember for years, I was wanting Phil Petty b...
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Our best coach and best players (en masse) ever ... all well grounded and focused on a common team goal. What's the mystery?
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We finally have a leader in a quarterback. Shaw is a guy that gets the job done, makes the right calls and we have a coach that's been around the bloc...
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