Kobe Bryant Shows Flashes of Younger Days, Drops Scintillating Dunks at Practice

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The sizzle you hear is the NBA season, nearly finished cooking and ready to consume. 

Kobe Bryant delivered exactly what we need during the doldrums leading up to the first game of the season, showing that the old man has some fresh legs after all. 

Just as you would imagine, the biggest grump on a basketball court decided to take some unchecked aggression out on a couple of scrubs and Antawn Jamison. 

Apparently, what you see here is far more deep-seeded than you might imagine. 

Here is what CBS Los Angeles had to say about the second dunk you see in this mini-highlight reel:

Kobe’s latest victims were Marquetts’s Darius Johnson-Odom and Greg Somogyi of UC-Santa Barbara.

Dwight Howard put the high screen on Johnson-Odom and Somogyi was caught sleeping as Kobe rolled all the way to the basket to slam on Antawn Jamison. Kobe said the dunk on Jamison was for retaliation on taking a charge.

Victims? Retaliation? In October? Oh, Kobe Bryant, please don't ever change, and don't you dare leave us. 

The season will deliver far more vengeful acts of basketball brilliance from the Black Mamba, but there will be less and less of the dunks we once knew. 

Cherish these last moments from one of the game's best while he is still around to deliver them. 

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