Billy Gillispie Tells Jodie Meeks "Don't Shoot!"

straitpinkieCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

Kentucky basketball has been less-than-ideal to watch during the last few seasons. It appears this offseason is shaping up to play out a la an episode of All My Children or As The World Turns.

According to Gainesville Sun columnist Pat Dooley, who relays the story from Florida's Ray Shipman, Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie told his leading scorer Jodie Meeks to stop shooting during the Wildcats' loss to Florida on Saturday.

Dooley quotes Shipman as saying, "Meeks and I were standing there after the timeout and he said his coach told him not to shoot anymore."

Another strange story, but strange is becoming the norm in the Bluegrass State as of late. You can read Pat's entire column here.

On today's Southeastern Conference coaches' teleconference, Gillispie responded to the accusation with a simple denial. "No. Absolutely Not. (Meeks) pretty much had the green light to shoot the entire season," Gillispie said.

A very odd story, and one of many that are sure to develop in and around Lexington in the coming months. Is there any way this could be true? I don't think so.

However, some indications are that Billy G is already on the hot seat, and stories like these sure aren't going to help him cool off.