Why Georgia Has Huge Edge over Alabama for 4-Star RB Alvin Kamara

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 8, 2016

Four-star running back Alvin Kamara's interest list is down to two, Georgia and Alabama, but there's one program that holds a huge advantage over the other—the Bulldogs.

What's shocking here is the fact that Alabama is still even in the equation at all after getting a verbal commitment from 5-star running back Derrick Henry. The Crimson Tides' depth chart is already stacked at running back, but apparently 'Bama is still in the running.

According to quotes via Radi Nabulsi of ESPN.com, Alabama is still trying to recruit Kamara:

“Coach Smart is out here tonight,” Kamara said. “They are still after me as hard as when it all started. They called me after Derrick committed. Coach Smart and I talked and he said, ‘You know we still want you as bad as we did before.’ Bama puts guys in the NFL and the atmosphere up there is crazy. I love it. I am comfortable when I get into Tuscaloosa."

That's some very high praise for a team that may not have a whole lot of room for him on their roster, but it appears as if the NFL draw and football atmosphere is a huge selling point for Kamara.

All that said, Kamara had some great things to say about Georgia as well, specifically the competition at the running back position, where freshmen Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall are putting up some very impressive stats, via Nabulsi's report:

“I see it as a positive,” Kamara said. “Two freshmen at running back is not really scaring me. They are two great backs and that is just a chance to get better. There is going to be competition everywhere you go. I mean, why not? Guys were tweeting at me, ‘They already have two freshmen running backs, come to FSU,’ or wherever. But Gurley and Marshall were probably thinking the same thing last year with Isaiah Crowell over there tearing it up. So it doesn’t matter to me.”

In the end, what is it that gives Georgia the advantage for the 4-star running back?

Kamara obviously appreciates competition, but in the case of Alabama, there's a little bit too much competition.

Derrick Henry has the ability to be a superstar back at the next level, and even he is going to have a hard time finding meaningful playing time in the first few years with current junior Eddie Lacy, and freshmen T.J. Yeldon and Kenyan Drake in front of him.

Mind you, Alabama still has two other 4-star running back commits in Tyren Jones and Altee Tenpenny. While it's unlikely both players remain committed to the Crimson Tide, for now, they're still two more running backs for Kamara to compete with.

One could argue that Georgia has just as much competition at the running back spot with Gurley and Marshall holding down the position, but the final kicker here is that Mark Richt and the Bulldogs have shown the ability to use multiple rushers a bit more effectively than Alabama—which is a huge statement in itself. Georgia also doesn't have a running back committed to their 2013 class yet, which makes a huge difference.

Gurley has received 81 carries on the season, rushing for 575 yards and nine touchdowns, and Marshall isn't far behind, making the best of his 64 carries for 465 yards and five scores. That's fairly even production considering both players could be the full-time starter. Even sophomore Ken Malcome has gotten in on the fun, rushing for 197 yards and two touchdowns on 31 attempts.

While Alabama has some even production at running back as well—Lacy has 64 carries for 314 yards and four touchdowns, while Yeldon has run 50 times for 292 and two scores—Georgia is proving to be the better rushing team. The Bulldogs are averaging 226.5 yards per game on the ground, while Alabama is running for just 188.2.

The numbers all point to Georgia being the better option for Kamara. There's more room on the depth chart, their 2013 recruiting class is void of a running back, and the Bulldogs have shown the ability to use multiple running backs to put up some big numbers on the ground.

When you break it down, Georgia has the edge when it comes to recruiting Kamara over Alabama.

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