WWE 13: X-Pac and Alberto Del Rio Highlight Newest Entrance and Finisher Videos

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 10, 2012

image from THQ
image from THQ

The WWE 13 information and content train keeps chugging along. I'm still drunk from the details surrounding the customization options and functionality of WWE Universe 3.0, and now THQ releases another set of entrance and finishers to keep the hype at a fever pitch.

I can't explain to you why I've always been an X-Pac fan, but I have. When I saw that he was part of the most recent set of entrance and finisher videos, I clicked that thumbnail first. Check them out here:

The guy was super-athletic and he had a nastiness about him that made him a great heel. I've always loved any variation of the Super Kick, and X-Pac executed his nicely. He's only 40 years old, if he were in better shape then he could probably still perform in the ring.

He looked a tad bit on the hefty side when he appeared on the 1000th episode of Raw, so I'm not sure we'd ever see a return to the ring. Nonetheless, you get to control the younger and more fit X-Pac in WWE 13.

As for current stars, Alberto Del Rio is the best of this bunch. His enziguri looks pretty sharp. Here is a look at his finisher and entrance video.

I'm hoping you can pull this move off after you sit your opponent on the top rope. Del Rio has landed some nasty versions of the move in this situation.

He executed a memorable enziguri on CM Punk at TLC 2011. This would be awesome in a video game:

The other past and present Superstars with entrance and finishers revealed are as followed:

(Click the links to see each video)

The retail release is now less than three weeks away. On October 30, WWE gamers will have an opportunity to clash with the entire roster of talent.


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