WWE News: Is JBL's WWE Future in Limbo?

Gone Baby GoneContributerOctober 10, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

For those of you that have been enjoying JBL's return to the booth, you better enjoy it while you can, as it may not last long.

On Wednesday morning JBL took to Facebook with the following post:

Still don't know what the future holds for me and WWE, I just know I am having a great time filling in for King while he recovers. Our youth program in Bermuda starts up this month for this season and I have a lot to do to get ready.

So, don't have an answer for all those who ask what my future is, I am having a ball being back. I make fun of Cole incessantly (which I really enjoy btw) but he is as prepared as anyone I have ever seen do a telecast. It's really easy just being able to react knowing he is doing the brunt of the work.

Not sure what I am doing if anything next week, but would love to be around for Jerry Lawler's return in Memphis if possible.

It just baffles me that the WWE hasn't made a long-term play for JBL, especially since he seems interested in sticking around.

I also understand Layfield is in the midst of his Seven Summits trek, but why not keep him part-time until he's done. Then when he's ready, they can bring him in on a regular basis.

To me, the WWE needs to figure this out. JBL's presence has made a world of difference since Jerry Lawler's departure. Even when "The King" returns, there still should be room for JBL at the booth.

Let's face it, Lawler is now too over to ever be a heel announcer again and now Michael Cole is Mr. Nice Guy, so he can't go back to being a heel.

Overall, JBL has made a niche for himself and should have his services retained immediately.

Ultimately, Layfield has made his presence known, still has the gift of gab, and as mentioned earlier, wants to come back. Not to mention hardcore fans love him.

In the end, people's minds can change on a dime. So if the WWE doesn't start showing interest soon, they could be letting one of the best heel announcers in history walk away.