Lionel Messi Asks After Cristiano Ronaldo's Well-Being During El Clasico (Video)

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See, everyone? The biggest rivalry in world football between the sport's two biggest stars isn't all heated competition, gamesmanship and one-upmanship.

Nope. Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo care about each other's well-being. Well, maybe. Just watch and see.

The biggest story coming out of the weekend's 2-2 El Clasico draw between Barcelona and Real Madrid (well, besides Messi and Ronaldo both scoring twice and Ronaldo's awful, awful new haircut) is the revelation that Messi inquired about Ronaldo's shoulder after Ronaldo had injured it in the second half.

At least, that's the story making the rounds thanks to the video you see above. It's the Set Piece Video of the Day. Enjoy.

Now, we're not sure what, exactly, was said on the pitch—Rosetta Stone didn't teach us how to understand Spanish when a superstar like Messi is covering his mouth on the pitch. But the consensus is that Messi was asking Ronaldo about his shoulder.

As you can see in the video, Ronaldo then nods and winks, seemingly indicating that he was fine and that he appreciated Messi's concern.

Whatever. You decide for yourself. Either way, it's nice to imagine that the world's two best players—who understandably maintain a firm rivalry—can get along on the pitch and see past the heat of competition, at least momentarily.

Or are we reading into this entirely too much? Let us know in the comments, but we'll still be watching with hawk's eyes the next time these teams play (as if we needed any more reason to watch).

(h/t 101 Great Goals)

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