England National Team: Why a New Code of Conduct Is Needed for Its FA Players

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer IOctober 10, 2012

England National Football Team
England National Football TeamLaurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The Football Association (FA) recently approved a new code of conduct for its players. The new code is made public against the backdrop of the John Terry and Ashley Cole incidents affecting English football.

It was a wise decision by the FA to unveil the new code of conduct before its next 2014 World Cup Qualifier against San Marino. The reasons for the code are necessary in the contemporary world.


Social Responsibility

When a player is called to the national team, he represents his country. The same applies when wearing the uniform of his particular team.

The players of a national team are role models whose behaviors are under scrutiny by fans, the media and even parents. The negative behavior exhibited by a player is easily criticized by those who are ready to tear down an individual or an institution.

The code shifts the responsibility of behavior towards the player (h/t Goal.com). It will make him think twice before saying or doing anything inappropriate in public that could jeopardize his career and the team.


Social Media

The current century has seen the rise of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. While social media is a great tool, it can be abused.

Ashley Cole's tweet about the FA is an example of what happens when social media is abused. While the FA will not ban the use of social media, the players will now use their social media when they are with England. During their free time, the players will not be allowed to criticize the FA, their clubs or other employees.


Reinforcement of Existing Rules

The new code of conduct reinforces the common sense rules for football that exist.The examples of such rules are the need to respect other players and no foul language.

It reinforces that abuse on the basis of race, religion and ethnicity is forbidden. The punishments are expected to be based on the offense.


What will be the reactions of the players?

The majority of the players will accept the code of conduct since they have a desire to represent England. Fabrice Muamba, who used to play for Bolton, agrees with the code of conduct.

Muamba stated his reasons in an interview published in Northsound. He talked about future generations who want to play football.

Muamba stated in an article published by Sky News that others will accept it as well. While the new code of conduct is the beginning, we have yet to see the implementation phase.