The Miz: Why Making Him a Color Commentator on WWE Main Event Is a Great Move

Mike ChiariFeatured ColumnistOctober 10, 2012

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Intercontinental Champion The Miz hasn't been booked particularly well and has yet to regain his lofty status within the company, but putting him in the role of WWE Main Event color commentator will be a useful tool in his rise back to the top.

Since dropping the WWE Championship to John Cena last year, The Miz has toiled in mediocrity for the most part. He had a short main event run, teaming with R-Truth as they took on Cena and The Rock at Survivor Series, but aside from that, he has spent much of his time putting over main event and upper midcard talent.

The Miz went on an awful losing streak before taking a month off to film The Marine: Homefront, but not long after returning, he defeated Christian for the Intercontinental Championship.

I thought the IC title would serve as a springboard for Miz back to his rightful spot on the card, but he continues to put guys over regardless of being the titleholder.

There are many ways of pushing someone, but the best would have to be accentuating that particular superstar's strengths. Since the writers haven't been doing that with The Miz from an in-ring perspective, they have decided to allow him to do what he does best—and that, of course, is talking.

Not only has The Miz been given his own talk show segment in the form of Miz TV, but he is also now the color commentator alongside Michael Cole on WWE's new Wednesday show on ION Television, Main Event. It may not seem like a big deal on the surface, but the more exposure The Miz is given, the better it will be for him in terms of getting back to the top of the card.

If the WWE didn't have confidence in Miz's ability, then he wouldn't be given so many opportunities to work the mic. In addition to Miz TV and the commentating gig, Miz was put in a fairly high-profile segment on Raw this week as Larry King's guest.

Not surprisingly, Miz shined as usual and continued to impress with his promo work.

What the WWE is doing with The Miz right now reminds me a bit of CM Punk in late 2010. Because he was unable to compete for a period of time due to an injury, Punk began commentating regularly on NXT and Raw before joining Nexus and seizing control from Wade Barrett.

This led to a massive push that featured him facing Randy Orton at WrestleMania. A couple of months later, he would cut his famous pipebomb promo and then defeat John Cena for the WWE Championship at Money in the Bank.

The rest is history, as Punk went from a guy who couldn't stick in the main event to being one of the company's biggest stars.

Miz's situation isn't exactly the same, but I definitely believe that it will lead to greener pastures for him. While having top-notch wrestling ability is important, it's fair to say that the most integral quality that a superstar can have today is charisma in the form of talking on the mic as well as overall presence, and Miz scores big time in that department.

He's never going to be a technical marvel at the same level as Punk, Daniel Bryan or Dolph Ziggler, but Miz does continue to improve as a wrestler every day, and his penchant for cutting great promos outranks almost everyone else on the roster.

Most fans realize that, but the ones who don't are going to get their fill of The Miz on commentary.

Although the likes of Mike Adamle and Rob Bartlett are notable exceptions to the rule, the WWE generally doesn't let just anyone put on a headset and describe the action to the WWE Universe. The WWE brass clearly has a lot of confidence in The Miz's ability, and I'm glad to see him in a position where he can succeed.

The Intercontinental Championship is holding him back a bit when it comes to getting back to the main event, but I believe it is only a matter of time before it happens. Whether it is with his current heel character or perhaps with the aid of a face turn, Miz's current role will once again help him become one of the WWE's must-see superstars.


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