WWE Should Drop the Divas Title for Something Better: The Women's Championship

Travis Taylor@@WriterTaylorFeatured ColumnistOctober 12, 2012

Photo by sabrebiade on flickr
Photo by sabrebiade on flickr

The first thing that the WWE needs to do to revive the women’s division is to get rid of the Divas title and bring back the Women’s Championship.

To put it bluntly, if the WWE wants the division to be taken seriously, it needs a serious title to attract the best women wrestlers.

The Divas Championship is a slightly offensive poor excuse for a belt. 

Leaving behind a ridiculously named title in the dust and bringing back the one with real history tied to it is a must if the WWE Universe is to take women’s wrestling seriously again.

Yes, the two titles were unified back in 2010 in a Lumberjills match when Michelle McCool defeated Melina, but really, what is a title unification match in the WWE? It’s an excuse to retire one title for another and try to bring legitimacy to the new title.

But make no mistake; the Divas Championship is not the Women’s Championship.

What happened with the women's titles is the same thing that happened when the WWE World Title was unified with the WCW World Title. A new title wasn’t created. It was still the World Championship (even if they called it the Unified World Championship).

The WWE World Title was not suddenly the same belt that Ric Flair won or the same one that adorned the waists of Sting, Vader and Jeff Jarrett in WCW.

Heck, even the WCW title had no real lineage with the NWA Championship, a belt that went back to George Hackenschmidt in 1904.

The Divas title is a hollow shell of a belt that really means nothing.

The WWE has a habit of unifying or simply ending their older championships in favor of new ones, seemingly in order to have a tournament or a grand match to name a new champion.

The WWE Women’s Championship has ties back to one of the greatest titles of all time, the NWA World Women’s Title.

The number of legends who have held the WWE Women’s Championship is a mile long: Fabulous Moolah, Wendi Richter, Rockin’ Robin, Sheri Martel, Alundra Blaze, Jazz, Victoria, and Trish and Lita to name a few.

Would any of these women have been caught dead wearing the Divas title around their waist?

Even today's great wrestlers like Beth Phoenix and Natalya look uncomfortable with the pretty butterfly belt. A third generational wrestler like Natalya deserves to be a Women's Champion, not a diva.

Sadly, what is sorely apparent is that today's women’s division is a poor shell of a bad imitation of itself.

It is populated with so-called divas that can neither wrestle or talk and appear to have walked straight out of a swimsuit calendar.

It’s a shameful state for the division to be in, considering some of the all-time greats came through there, including Trish Stratus and Lita.

Some of the greatest matches have been fought over this title, including the Original Screwjob and just about any match with Trish Stratus during her seven reigns.

If the WWE wants this division to be taken seriously, this is a great first step. Hiring Sara Del Rey is another great move.

The next step is to get some more women who can actually wrestle.