WWE News: Did CM Punk Tease 2015 Retirement?

Gone Baby GoneContributerOctober 15, 2012

Courtesy WWE.com
Courtesy WWE.com

Hear we go again. It appears CM Punk is yet another wrestler who enjoys getting the IWC talking.

Sunday night, Punk took to Twitter and dropped this tweet:


Waiting until I get home to watch @walkingdead_amc So around 2015.

— CM Punk (@CMPunk) October 15, 2012


Punk was referring to the AMC hit series Walking Dead. The tweet implied that he is running a bit behind in watching episodes and won't be catching up anytime soon.

However, that is not what got the Twitter-verse rumbling. The tweet also insinuated Punk was retiring in 2015.

A fan picked up on this "hint" and tweeted the following to Punk:


To me, Punk was clearly being cynical when responding to this fan. I highly doubt that Punk will walk away from this business anytime soon, especially when you factor in his new-found stardom. 

But then again, who knows? For all we know, this has been his grand plan all along, which may not be the worst plan in the world. It should be noted that Punk would be about 37 years old and in the business for about 20 years.

Not too shabby.

If Punk does retire, he will be part of an elite group. Only a handful of wrestlers under 40 have controlled their own fate and retired on their own terms. Most are forced out due to injury, while others fade into obscurity and wrestle their days away in the Indys.

In the end, we will have to wait and see if Punk is truly serious or if this was another round of trolling by the superstar.