Verwy Verwy Quiet...Six burgh Steelers are Hunting Wabbit

Phillip BuntingContributor IMarch 9, 2009

Yes, if I were Bugs Bunny that is what I'd say—(Verwy, verwy quiet...Six burgh Steelers are hunting wabbit). But why? For starters, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been very quiet during free agency.

So far, we have lost Nate Washington to the Tennessee Titans, Anthony Smith to the Green Bay Packers, and Bryant McFadden to the Arizona Cardinals, who the Pittsburgh Steelers beat in Super Bowl XLIII.


I look at it this way, “How do we give away players and not get anything in return?”


Yeah, the Steelers have Joey Galloway coming in for a visit today, but he is 37 years old! Will we sign him to the roster to fill the void with Washington gone? I'd like to think so, though it is his age that hovers over that fine line of the policy that we have on signing guys over the age of 30.


I'd say that the Steelers captured a few wabbits that they hunted for. The wabbits are Max Starks (one-year franchise tender offer), Sean McHugh (a three-year contract), Willie Colon (a tender offer yet to be accepted), and Chris Kemeaotu (a five-year contract).


Some nice wabbits huh?


One of the wabbit talks are slowing down. James Harrison and the Steelers are having a hard time piecing together his contract. Thanks to Albert Haynesworth signing a wabbit of a contract for $100 million with the free-spending Washington Redskins.


There were a few that toyed with the Steelers, and our psyche, which wasn't nice.


Here are those really naughty wabbits:



Jeff Saturday

He toyed with the idea to become a Steeler, then he stayed with the Indianapolis Colts anyway.


Marvin Harrison

He teased us with the same idea, though he is still on the market.


Terrell Owens

He didn't toy around, but the media did. They toyed with us saying he would make a great fit because the Steelers are the defending Super Bowl champs, and he had a great shot at getting a ring with us.


Well, Owens went the route that we mentioned, but he signed the contract with the Buffalo Bills, not the Pittsburgh Steelers.



So, are the Steelers hunting talented wabbits or are they hunting for the wabbit at the end of the tunnel where the light is?...Super Bowl XLIV.


Super Bowl XLIV sure would be a nice catch, not to mention the “Stairway To Seven.”


I know all of Steeler Nation is dreaming of that wabbit as the days go by...

We hope for the Steelers to catch that wascally wabbit.


As Elmer Fudd would say, "'re hunting WABBITS.”