WWE: Why the Daniel Bryan and Kane Angle Should Continue?

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistOctober 9, 2012

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

Kane is the tag team champion! Daniel Bryan is the tag team champion!

What a volatile, on-air team these two have formed.

WHY is this angle so strong?

The WWE’s odd couple, or as the WWE Universe dubbed them “Team Hell No,” are going strong as the current tag team champions. Teaming up should have been a disaster. Their anger management skits should have failed. However, they succeeded with resounding results.

WWE should continue the angle between Kane and Daniel Bryan. Both wrestlers and the creative team should get credit for making the odd couple a formidable force. These two have gone through tag teams and are now marked men in the tag team division.

The key of this team's greatness is their explosive relationship.

Their feud started for their match at SummerSlam, revolving around Bryan’s anger management issues. Bryan was victorious, and Kane’s own issues were revealed. Both were put in anger management group therapy sessions, and the magic was generated.

The two have fought each other over who’s better and who are the champions. What a brilliant mix of positioning these two as a tag team.

Just when it appears they get along, Kane and Bryan fight each other again. Both of these titans declaring themselves the tag team champions is truly hilarious to watch. It’s also notable watching others around them lose their cool while the duo argues.

Kane and Bryan have gotten a great streak going. They keep winning their matches as a team, even though their alliance is a time bomb waiting to explode.

In fact, the team of Kane and Bryan is helping the tag team division.

How many teams have been created in their quest for the WWE Tag Team Titles?

The tournament spanning through the Raw, Smackdown and Main Event programs shows the division re-emerging.

Two teams are still in the mix, namely Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara and Rhodes Scholars. Whoever wins the tournament will have trouble with “Team Hell No.”

What makes them great is their common goal to win.  Winning is what keeps them together!

This story angle should continue because everyone involved is benefiting from it.

Kane and Bryan’s tag team has gone over well with the fans. The tag team division is revitalized because of them. They played a part in returning credibility to the tag division even if by accident. Many teams are gunning for the champs, and that’s exactly what the division needs.

It’s not just the division that benefits from :Team Hell No." Both men are writing new chapters in their careers. Kane looks rejuvenated in both the ring and in character work. Bryan is playing his role to perfection and successfully portraying a man on edge.

This angle between Kane and Bryan benefits everyone involved. Hey, why not continue a good thing?