WWE Hell in a Cell 2012: Is Ryback the Right Backup Plan for John Cena?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistOctober 10, 2012

Photo: wwe.com
Photo: wwe.com

This past Monday, we witnessed Vince McMahon give CM Punk an ultimatum: to choose John Cena or Ryback for Hell in a Cell, otherwise Vince will make the decision for him next week.

Ryback is still undefeated in WWE and with the fans finally getting behind him, it appears as if WWE has decided to take the next step and integrate him into the upper-card.

But is Ryback the right backup plan for this particular situation?

John Cena is still not the official opponent for CM Punk, and WWE is taking steps to ensure they have a plan in place should he be unable to compete, which is smart.

Not knowing if Cena will be able to go into Hell in a Cell is probably driving the WWE brass up the wall with concern, and for good reason.

WWE simply did not have anyone else slated to face CM Punk, so what did they do?

They decided to make Ryback the guy who will step up in the event that Cena is still out. This might not be the best move by WWE.

Ryback has gained some fan support in recent months, and he has shown improvement in the ring since his initial re-debut following an injury.

The unfortunate part is that Ryback is nowhere near ready to hold up a main event against a technical master like CM Punk.

Ryback has barely had a match break the five-minute mark yet, and a main event on a pay-per-view is expected to go 20 minutes or more.

Having an untested and undefeated character step into a cell with the WWE Champion can only lead to three possible outcomes: CM Punk hands Ryback his first loss, Ryback walks out as the greenest champion in history or CM Punk somehow escapes and the match ends in a no-contest decision.

None of these outcomes sounds that appealing, and being in a position of not knowing if your top guy will be ready by the PPV is a place Vince McMahon is rarely in.

Luckily for Vince, John Cena is not the kind of guy to take as long a break as the doctors tell him to.

Cena has a long history of being a tough customer, and the greatest proof of that is when he returned from a torn pectoral muscle in just three months, back in 2008.

If Cena is ready by HIAC then we do not even have to worry because he and Punk always have great matches, but that is not a guarantee yet.

Ryback has the potential to be a future top star as long as he continues to improve, but he is not the guy to take the belt from Punk after a reign lasting more than 320 days.

What do you think?

Is Ryback ready to be elevated to the main event, or is this a premature move by WWE?

How would you feel if Ryback walked out of Hell in a Cell as WWE Champion?


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