Marlon Anderson Working Hard to Earn Reserve Spot with Mets

Wendy AdairAnalyst IMarch 9, 2009

Marlon Anderson has been tremendous so far in spring training. He has lost a significant amount of weight, close to 20 pounds, and appears to be injury free for the first time in almost 2 years, which is great news for both Mets management and fans.

Anderson is a fan favorite who is class act and he truly loves the game and wants to re-establish himself as a valuable member of the bench who can and will happily fill in wherever and whenever he is asked to, whether its infield or outfield. The 35-year-old veteran will most likely be given the chance to make the active 25-man roster out of spring training.

Bobby Kielty has also impressed Jerry Manuel in his playing time so far this spring, so he may give Anderson a considerable amount of competition for the reserve/utility spot on the roster.  They have both been extremely valuable, along with Jose Valentin and Jeremy Reed, along with other players who will most likely spend time in AA or AAA at the start of the season but are now having the chance to play in exhibition games in the absence of many of the Mets superstars while they participate in the World Baseball Classic.

Jerry Manuel does have his work cut out for him in regards to making his final roster decisions. Once the position players return from the WBC, which could be as late as March 23, they will show what they have learned about their hitting techniques, strategies, and strengths, which we are all awaiting anxiously, but most of all, we want them to return healthy. 

It is good to know that the Mets have retained players with veteran leadership who will step up and compete for Major League rosters even though there are so many players waiting in the Minor Leagues for their chance, but the competition is good for all players.