Please Tom Benson, Don't Be Stingy, Give LT Some Money

Chris OryCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

Hi Mr. Benson,

I am writing you this as a die-hard Saints' fan. Over the years, we have seen you be money-hungry and not re-sign players, or go after big names in free agency.

We know you're getting old, and we hope that will change your outlook on your team.

What more could you want, now that your health isn't doing too well, than winning a Super Bowl?

We have seen you sign some big-name players since 2006 and seem to be keeping the good players on the team, unlike in the past when you would just let them leave the team and go to Super Bowls (i.e. Jake Delhomme).

So all I'm asking, Mr. Benson, is if L.T. becomes a free agent, please give him the money he deserves so that I can see my Saints win a Super Bowl.

Thank you for reading my letter Mr. Benson.


Chris Ory