Scouting Report, Analysis and Predictions for Auburn 5-Star DT Commit Dee Liner

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIIOctober 9, 2012

5-star defensive lineman Dee Liner is going to be a great player at the college level, and it's the Auburn Tigers who have his verbal commitment. has Liner checking in at a very solid 6'2.5'', 277 pounds, but what's most impressive is the 4.86 40-yard dash they have him running. He's a big player coming out of high school, but he's got great quickness for his size.

He has all the intangibles you're looking for in a future SEC defensive lineman.

Here's my scouting report on Liner, as well as a few predictions for his college career.


Scouting Report

Liner is an extremely aggressive lineman who can be effective on the interior or even on the edges. He's going to be best suited as an interior lineman at the college level if he puts on a little bit more weight, but he's quick and agile enough to play 5-technique if need be.

He's big and strong enough to take on double-teams and keep gap integrity, but he's also fast enough to shoot the gap and pursue the ball-carrier in the backfield. He uses his hands well to engage the block and get off it, and he displays a high-level bull rush that helps him push back the line of scrimmage.

In the pictures below, you can get a good look as to what Liner will be bringing to the table for Auburn. In this play, he appears to be lined up at the 1-technique (gap between center and guard). The offense looks to be running a form of a counter-trey, which means the play-side guard will be pulling to the left to hit the end, and the backside guard will also pull to block the left edge.

The center would then be responsible for stepping down and trying to get in between Liner and the running lane—which is a very hard block to begin with. The play-side tackle and tight end are responsible for blocking down in this situation.

Notice in the next picture, though, how Liner is able to maintain his gap integrity. He doesn't get hooked by the center, is able to push the line of scrimmage back and keeps his outside shoulder free of getting blocked, which is exactly what a coach would ask him to do in this situation. He then sets himself on track to follow the pulling guard to the ball-carrier.

You can see him in the next picture following the pull to the edge, where he gets help from a corner keeping outside contain.

Finally, Liner is able to chase the ball-carrier down and make the tackle, displaying the full range of his abilities.

Liner can be a force in the interior of Auburn's line, but he's also talented enough to make an impact on the edge. The Tigers will be getting a complete defensive lineman right off the bat.



Liner has all the talent and ability to be a stud defensive lineman at Auburn, especially with the 2013 class Gene Chizik is putting together around him. Remember, Liner will be joined by 5-star defensive end Carl Lawson and 5-star linebacker Reuben Foster, so the Tigers defense is going to be very young, aggressive and talented in the near future.

Liner is going to be the kind of defensive lineman who can take over games for Auburn's defense. With Lawson on the line with him and Foster at linebacker, offensive linemen won't be able to key in on just one player, and if Liner gets a one-on-one matchup with a lineman, he can definitely exploit it.

This is a kid who's going to put up a ton of numbers at Auburn, and he'll constantly be in the opponent's backfield.

Dee Liner is going to be one of the bigger names in college football once he settles in with the Auburn Tigers.

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