Texas High School Cheerleader Shatters Backflip World Record

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 9, 2012

One cheerleader completely flipped out recently and broke a world record in the process. 

Bob's Blitz has a couple of videos that prove backflipping can certainly be a marathon sport as a 16-year old high school student took to the field recently to break the world record of 32 backflips. 

The young lady, Miranda Ferguson, can now hold her head high with her record-shattering mark of 35, setting a mark that will not be touched for years. 

OK, we have no clue if there is anyone out there threatening to steal this triumph away, but we hope Ferguson holds onto it for some time, because she seems amped to have it. 

Here is the record breaking performance. 

I'm exhausted and a little discombobulated and I only watched the thing. I am ready to now call Ferguson the queen of all backflipping endeavors. 

Here is the news report from a local Fox affiliate, featuring a very exuberant Miranda Ferguson. 

All you out there hoping to break your own flipping record, take note. You only need a football field, astonishing endurance and a crowd keeping score for you. 

Seeing as how I have none of the requirements, I will just sit here by the computer machine and await the next magical attempt. 

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