Eduardo: Outrageulous

kenny smithContributor IMarch 9, 2009

The sheer brass neck of it. To even think about scoring a goal like the one Edaurdo scored yesterday is outrageous but to actually execute it as well is...well...outrageulous. That's not a typo.

Let me explain what I mean. Theo Walcott described it as "ridiculous" and i have described the very thought of it as outrageous. So I cut the two words in half and combine them to form outrageulous simply because i can not find a word that does it justice.

A special goal indeed but what we have to remember is that it came from a man who is just back from a career threatening injury and previously had just an hour of competitive football under his belt.

It's actually quite scary when you think about it. If he can do that just back from a year out, what will we see from a fit Eduardo?

Since the very first moment i saw him play I liked this guy. When he suffered that horrific injury at St Andrews i was absolutely devastated. I wrote into the Arsenal website with a message of support for him and have been counting the days until he returned.

And return he has. Better than before? Maybe, but seeing him back playing again has lit up a pretty horrible year for me so far and even before he got injured I preached to many people that Eduardo is the best striker we have, and ill explain why.

But before I do let me make one thing clear. This is not an Adebayor witch hunt so for all the Ade lovers please do not remind me of his goals tally for last season. This is not last season.

I think Eduardo is our best striker because he has the ability to do the unexpected as well as the simple things. Most football players form has a lot to do with confidence.

I do not think Eduardo ever loses confidence because he knows through and through that he is a world class player.

I think that a lot can be compared to Cristiano Ronaldo in terms of confidence. I think he is one of the most confident players in the world and shows it in his arrogance. Where he and Eduardo differ is that Eduardo is not arrogant.

He is quietly very confident in his own ability.

You see that in the way that he does not extravagantly celebrate his goals when most do. Its almost as if he expects himself to score every time and its not that big a thing.

Take any other player, if they scored that goal yesterday they would have run around jumping and ran into the fans or stood with their arms out reveling in the limelight. But Eduardo punched the air once and then looked like he just wanted to get on with the game.

You cannot fault his game. And here is how he figures against our first choice strikers.

The only criticism you can have, if your being picky, is that he does not have the physical presence of an Adebayor. Whilst that might be true, I urge you to remember that no one player is perfect and everyone has a weakness. Adebayor is lazy, has a horrible first touch and can not stay onside.

Robin Van Persie is showing us all now why he merits a starting place in this team and has been excellent this season. But he has a tendency to waste a lot of chances. Can anyone actually remember a chance that Eduardo has had that they can say he should have really scored and he didn't?

And before anyone says that RVP makes alot for the team and comes deep to collect the ball and can take free kicks ill remind you that I use the word striker not midfielder. And ill also remind you he is yet to score a free-kick this season.

Its just so great to see him back playing again scoring outrageulous goals. You can not stress enough the courage of the man. Its been a long road back and i know that i could not do what he has done.

Many before him have not and i think yesterday shows the undoubted class that he posseses.