WWE 13: Universe 3.0 Gives Gamers Hefty Amount of Customizable Options

Brian MaziqueCorrespondent IIIOctober 9, 2012

image from THQ
image from THQ

It is hard to imagine a more verbose set of options for WWE gamers. THQ released the trailer for the Universe 3.0 mode, and if you love customizing anything and everything about your WWE gaming experience, then you have to be excited about this mode.

WWE '12 already had a stellar set of options for creating Superstars, and the create-an-arena option has been previously discussed in my interview with WWE creative director, Cory Ledesma.

With those things already in place, these new options take things to the next level. Check out the trailer to see what else you can customize in Universe 3.0:

This is the type of reveal that solicits nothing more than a smirk from the most staunch critic of the franchise. If it is what it appears to be, there is little to nothing to criticize,

In addition to what you saw in the trailer, IGN is reporting that gamers will have the ability to create storylines that span an entire year, with 500 matches and 15 Superstars involved in the plot.That is a huge and potentially compelling angle for a passionate WWE gamer to create.

The moment I read the details, I started thinking about possible storylines to create. I won't share all of my maniacal thoughts, but here's two.


Mick Foley and AJ Lee Get Engaged

I'd give Foley the Yes! chant as a taunt. He'd have to realize he's hitting way above his batting average in that scenario.


Heath Slater Becomes WWE Champion

The One Man Band hooks up with Captain America. He bums some Super Soldier Serum from him and runs roughshod through the WWE to become the best in the world.

It could happen. Okay, maybe not, but that's what this mode is for: dreams and fantasies.


Other Cool Stuff

Another awesome option mentioned in the trailer is the ability to create custom WWE championships, shows and pay-per-views. I have been clamoring for that to return to the franchise, and I'm stoked to see it in WWE '13.

Coupled with the ability to create wrestlers and arenas, this mode could spark gamers to create a whole new world in virtual wrestling. Maybe you create a show that features only wrestling legends, or maybe you give WWE Divas their own weekly show.

You could even create a pay-per-view where every match is a First Blood match. The possibilities seem endless. 

Universe even incorporates stat-tracking during your experience. This could really provide rhyme or reason behind the in-game rankings,

If this mode is executed properly, it will take over the lives of WWE gamers that love customization. 


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