Top 5 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds at Every Position for NFL Week 6

Matt SteinCorrespondent IIOctober 10, 2012

Top 5 Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Adds at Every Position for NFL Week 6

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    Once again, the fantasy football waiver wire is filled with options heading into Week 6 of the NFL season. Whether your have some key players on bye this week or your team has been decimated by injuries, the waiver wire can help you weather the storm.

    While some of the following players may take a week or two to really start producing, the majority of them can step in right away and put up some solid points for your team.

    Here are the top five fantasy football waiver-wire adds at each position as we head into Week 6.


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    1. Christian Ponder, Minnesota Vikings

    Ponder gets the nod as the No. 1 quarterback on the waiver wire for the second straight week. He's still only owned in 29 percent of leagues, which is pretty ridiculous for a 4-1 quarterback with only two interceptions.

    The Minnesota Vikings get the Washington Redskins this week. Considering the Redskins have allowed the second-most passing yards per game and the most touchdowns through the air (13), look for Ponder to have a huge game.

    Don't be surprised if he finishes Week 6 with a few passing touchdowns, a rushing touchdown and plenty of yards.


    2. Brandon Weeden, Cleveland Browns

    We've been hot on Weeden for a while, and his 291 yards and two touchdowns from last week won't cool him down any heading into this week's games.

    He continues to play above average in terms of fantasy football, despite having little talent around him on the offensive side of the ball. One thing to watch this week is if Weeden can continue to find wide receiver Josh Gordon (more on him later).

    If those two continue to hook up for big plays, Weeden has starting potential in many leagues.


    3. Kirk Cousins, Washington Redskins

    This waiver-wire pickup all depends on the health of Robert Griffin III. According to Houston Mitchell at the Los Angeles Times, the Redskins are optimistic about him starting this week.

    However, concussions are a tricky thing, and Griffin certainly isn't guaranteed to be playing in Week 6. If he can't play, Cousins becomes an excellent grab off the waiver wire this week.

    He showed some ability in limited time last week, and a full game could produce quite a few points for your team.


    4. Josh Freeman, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Freeman and the Buccaneers are coming off a bye this week, and they get the gift of playing the Kansas City Chiefs.

    While Kansas City completely stopped Joe Flacco, look for Freeman to have much better success against the Chiefs. He's starting to click with offseason addition Vincent Jackson, and that will go a long way to boosting Freeman's fantasy value.

    He's currently only owned in 40 percent of leagues, so if you can grab him, go and get him. Even if he is only worth starting for this one week, one week can often be the difference between making the playoffs and being the laughing stock of your league.


    5. Tim Tebow, New York Jets

    I really didn't want to put Tebow here, but I just don't see how the Jets can continue with Mark Sanchez as their starting quarterback for much longer.

    Tebow certainly isn't a great option at quarterback in the NFL, but if he becomes the starter and produces on the ground and through the air, he has some value in fantasy football.

Running Backs

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    1. Alex Green, Green Bay Packers

    While James Starks will likely get the start for the Packers this week, Green should be the running back to see more touches in Week 6.

    With Cedric Benson out for an extended period of time, Green Bay will need to rely on a different running back to make things happen on the ground. Despite not getting many carries this year, Green looks like the running back with more potential.

    Look for him to make an impact on the ground and in the passing game as he establishes himself as the top option at running back in the next few weeks.


    2. LaRod Stephens-Howling, Arizona Cardinals

    With Beanie Wells still injured and Ryan Williams out for the rest of the season, the Cardinals will rely on Stephens-Howling and William Powell to add some offense on the ground.

    For right now, Stephens-Howling looks like the more dynamic option for the Cardinals. Considering Wells' return is still a few weeks away, it is definitely worth picking up Stephens-Howling.

    Whenever you can get a potential starting running back off the waiver wire, it is always a good move to make.


    3. Kendall Hunter, San Francisco 49ers

    Hunter saw his biggest workload in last week's dominating win over the Buffalo Bills. The second-year running back continues to be impressive, and as the season progresses, he should see more carries come his way.

    Pick him up now if you can, and watch him become one of the better flex options in most leagues.


    4. Jamie Harper, Tennessee Titans

    With Javon Ringer out for the next four to six weeks, Harper becomes the primary backup to Chris Johnson. Considering Johnson is still struggling to average more than one yard per carry, the Titans might start giving more carries to Harper.

    If Harper can show at least some flash of potential, it likely won't be too long before he steals even more carries away from Johnson. While Harper might not pay off initially, if you can pick him up off the waiver wire early, he could pay off in a big way once the playoffs begin.


    5. David Wilson, New York Giants

    Andre Brown left Sunday's game with a concussion, putting his Week 6 status as a major question. While Ahmad Bradshaw was the big winner with Brown's injury, Wilson did see an increase of playing time.

    Despite only rushing the ball twice, Wilson was still able to gain 44 yards and a touchdown while showing off his big-play potential. Look for him to continue to steal a few carries away from Bradshaw with Brown out and for those carries to turn into some big plays for the rookie.

Wide Receivers

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    1. Randall Cobb, Green Bay Packers

    Cobb's fantasy production will depend some on the health of Greg Jennings for Week 6, but even if Jennings plays, Cobb still has plenty of value.

    With the Packers squaring off against the Houston Texans defense this week, Green Bay is going to need a playmaker to break some big plays. That playmaker is Cobb, and the Packers need to figure out how to get the ball in his hands as often as possible.

    Look for him to play a role similar to the one that Percy Harvin plays for the Minnesota Vikings. Cobb should put up fantasy points in a number of ways this week.


    2. Josh Gordon, Cleveland Browns

    After being a disappointment for the first four weeks of the season, Gordon made the most of his opportunities in Week 5. Both his receptions went for long touchdowns as Gordon showed off his big-play potential.

    With Greg Little still in the doghouse for dropping passes, look for Brandon Weeden to continue to look to Gordon as one of his top options.


    3. Chris Givens, St. Louis Rams

    The injury to Danny Amendola is quite crippling to the Rams offense, but it does open the door for some younger receivers to get a chance to shine.

    The biggest beneficiary at the receiver position will be Givens, who should become Sam Bradford's No. 1 option moving forward. He's got the potential to make some huge plays, and with more balls coming his way, those big plays could become reality.


    4. Rueben Randle, New York Giants

    If Hakeem Nicks returns in Week 6, Randle likely won't be a great option. However, Eli Manning has shown the ability to move the ball around from week to week, so even if Nicks is suited up, Randle should still get some looks his way.

    While he might not have another six receptions and 82 yards, he is still a threat to put up some solid numbers for the flex position in most leagues.


    5. Brian Quick, St. Louis Rams

    As we talked about earlier, the Rams will be looking for new receivers to throw to for the rest of the season. While Givens is the top option, Quick is another great pickup off the waiver wire this week.

    He's a big receiver who has struggled to live up to projections, but the extra time on the field could do wonders for the rookie's confidence. Quick might not be worth starting anytime soon, but if you pick him up now, he could be worth something later in the season.

Tight Ends

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    1. Dwayne Allen, Indianapolis Colts

    Coby Fleener is still the No. 1 tight end for the Colts, but Allen has definitely seen an increase in targets the past two weeks.

    Last week, he had four receptions, 38 yards and a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers. While those aren't superb numbers, they are decent enough to plug him in during your starter's bye week.

    Look for Allen to keep seeing looks from Andrew Luck and continue to use his athleticism to make an impact as the season progresses.


    2. Jeff Cumberland, New York Jets

    While Dustin Keller is expected to return in Week 6 for the Jets, I still like what Cumberland brings to the field for New York.

    He had a huge game last week against the Houston Texans, gaining 51 yards and recording a touchdown. The big problem has been the quarterback play for New York, but if that can even improve in the slightest, Cumberland has the big-play ability to become quite the option for the Jets.


    3. Lance Kendricks, St. Louis Rams

    Just like Chris Givens and Brian Quick get a bump in projected output with Danny Amendola out, so does Kendricks.

    Kendricks has been having another disappointing season for St. Louis, but hopefully he can get in tune with Sam Bradford now that Amendola is out. If that can happen, Kendricks definitely has the potential to become a starting-caliber tight end in fantasy football.


    4. Tom Crabtree, Green Bay Packers

    With Jermichael Finley suffering a shoulder injury in the team's loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Crabtree could see an increase in playing time in Week 6.

    It's unlikely that he'll see a ton of passes thrown his way, but any Packers receiver on the field has the potential of having a huge game in fantasy football. Crabtree is already a fan favorite in Green Bay, and it might not be long until he becomes a favorite in fantasy football, too.


    5. Brandon Myers, Oakland Raiders

    The Raiders are coming off their bye this week, so hopefully the offense can bounce back from its terrible performance in Week 4 against the Denver Broncos.

    While Myers certainly isn't the first or second option for Carson Palmer, he has been quietly having a solid season for the Raiders. He's averaging 57 receiving yards per game, and if he can start getting into the end zone, he'll have some real fantasy value.


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    1. Shayne Graham, Houston Texans

    I'm not sure how Graham is only owned in 26 percent of leagues, but if he is available in your league you need to pick him up now.

    The Texans get the Green Bay Packers this weekend, and it could be the ultimate shootout in Houston. Look for Graham to post some major points for any roster he is on this week.


    2. Mike Nugent, Cincinnati Bengals

    The fact that the Bengals play the Cleveland Browns this week is reason enough to pick up Nugent as a replacement kicker for the week.

    Even though Cincinnati struggled on offense last week against the Miami Dolphins, it shouldn't have any issues scoring this week against a division rival.


    3. Blair Walsh, Minnesota Vikings

    Walsh remains one of the highest-scoring kickers this season, and he should keep that trend going against the Washington Redskins this week.

    This is about as favorable of a matchup as you could ask for, so if Walsh is still available, go ahead and get him off the waiver wire.


    4. Connor Barth, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Despite the Buccaneers struggling on offense in recent weeks, Barth has a favorable matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 6. While the Chiefs defense was rather stout last week against the Baltimore Ravens, I can't see them pulling it off for a second straight week, especially on the road.

    Don't be surprised if Barth and the Buccaneers have their best offensive output of the season this week.


    5. Jay Feely, Arizona Cardinals

    Considering the Cardinals play the Buffalo Bills this week—they have given up over 90 points in the past two weeks—Feely is a solid choice on the waiver wire.

    While it is hard to trust the Cardinals offense after their horrid performance in Week 5, this is a fantastic matchup for Feely. He should have a good game.


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    1. Miami Dolphins

    The Dolphins are slowly moving up the charts as one of the NFL's elite defenses. They've been solid against the pass and have a great ability at getting after the quarterback.

    Their matchup this week against the St. Louis Rams is certainly a favorable one for their defense. Look for them to be one of the highest-scoring defenses this week in fantasy football.


    2. Cincinnati Bengals

    Any defense playing against the Cleveland Browns has the potential to put up major points in fantasy football.

    There should be a number of turnovers in this matchup for the Browns, and the Bengals defense should have a solid performance in Week 6. 


    3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    The Kansas City Chiefs only put six points on the board last week, despite gaining over 300 yards on offense. The big reason why the Chiefs struggled was turnovers, and that isn't an issue that gets fixed in one week.

    Tampa Bay should get an easy win this week with the defense leading the way.


    4. Buffalo Bills

    I know this sounds crazy, but as much as I distrust the Bills defense, I distrust the Arizona Cardinals offense even more. We saw just how bad that unit can be last week, and I don't see them getting better anytime soon.

    If Buffalo can create pressure, which it should be able to do, it could be a good bounce-back game for the Bills defense.


    5. Indianapolis Colts

    The Colts defense hasn't been anything spectacular this year, but they get the New York Jets this week. Going up against one of the worst offenses in the league is always good for fantasy football.