WWE: Is Mr. McMahon Embarrassing Himself at This Point?

Bryan Haas@@thehaastileoneFeatured ColumnistOctober 9, 2012

courtesy of wwe.com
courtesy of wwe.com

Last night’s RAW marked the triumphant return of WWE chairman Vince McMahon to the wrestling world after months away from the scene.

Unfortunately for him, he ran into WWE Champion CM Punk and his never-ending quest for respect.

After slapping McMahon near the top of the show, the two squared off in a match to close the show. And had it not been for up-and-comer Ryback, who knows what condition McMahon would have ended up in.

The fact is, McMahon is 67 years old. That’s older than Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan, both of whom look nearly clueless in the ring nowadays due to the both their age and their physical deterioration.

And let’s not forget that McMahon is not actually a professional wrestler. Yes, he has had many matches over the years, and yes, he has looked dominant in some of them. But as an occupation, he is a businessman, and an excellent one at that.

Obviously, it was part of the storyline last night that people were genuinely concerned for McMahon’s safety as he stepped in the ring with the man that claims to be “The Best In The World.” But in the back of the WWE Universe’s collective mind, they had to be worried about how he would fare and if he’d even be able to walk away.

Why after so many years of taking on the likes of John Cena, the Rock and Steve Austin was this match the one that everyone decided to speak up to let him know that he was making a mistake?

And it quickly looked as if the match was exactly that, as Punk had his way with McMahon for the majority of the match, even opening up a cut near his left eye. McMahon eventually gained the advantage after acquiring a kendo stick and taking out Punk’s advisor, Paul Heyman.

However, the incredibly weak and awkward shots that he delivered to Punk with it were a telling sign of the physical exhaustion that McMahon was feeling even after a short time. Granted, it was an intense, physical battle, but McMahon still looked very out of sorts. It looked like if he had taken just one more devastating maneuver, the lights would have turned out for him.

Luckily, Ryback’s music hit and we were spared having to see McMahon try to awkwardly sell the G.T.S.

But the entire situation begs the question as to why McMahon would even get himself involved in this match to begin with.

Could it be that McMahon simply cannot let go of the spotlight? Can he ever truly just retire? Will we see him trying to step into the ring to face the children of Randy Orton or the Rock at 90 years of age?

There has been recent speculation that the next megastar in the company will be the last that is hand-picked by McMahon. But how can that ever occur if he never relinquishes control? Yes, Triple H has gotten a considerably larger amount of responsibility in recent months, and he's likely being groomed for a top position soon, but how soon is that going to be?

When does enough become enough?

McMahon appeared in a wheelchair in 2005 after tearing both of his quadriceps while attempting to get in the ring.

How long will it be before we see the same thing, only this time it’s due to his advanced age?