High-Line No More for Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Mickey Schwin@Schwin2988Contributor IMarch 9, 2009

Kurt Busch was a man on a mission on Sunday. His car was fast all day and the best car did win. How many times did you see him scrape or hit the wall cause he was running so high on the track?

With the high line working so well, it made me curious why Dale "high-line" Earnhardt Jr. was not up there. He seems to always have his car set up so he can run up there.

Over the broadcast they mentioned that he and his team were trying something different that may hopefully help him later in the year.

It did not seem to work that well but to finish just outside the Top 10 with a new set up does not sound that bad. Hopefully Dale Jr. and Tony Jr. can figure out how to communicate with each other better with this new set up style and get some wins this year along with a strong chase.

Bristol is our next race after a week off. Very big race for "Top 35" racers.

Last year 14 cars finished on the lead lap. RCR finished one, two, three. I like Dale Jr. to have a good run but I pick Kevin Harvick to take the Checkers.