Phil Davis vs. Wagner Prado: Questions We Have About Davis

Mark PareCorrespondent IIOctober 9, 2012

Phil Davis vs. Wagner Prado: Questions We Have About Davis

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    Phil Davis will try again in his attempt for redemption as he faces off against Wagner Prado.

    Davis delivered a poke to Prado's eye, one that rendered Prado unable to continue 1:28 into their bout in August on Fox.

    He was previously in the UFC on Fox 2 main event against former light-heavyweight champion Rashad Evans, taking the five-round decision loss in the process in January.

    What will happen in this coming bout and how will Davis get the victory?

Can He Secure His First Win Since March 2011?

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    He has a loss and a no-contest on his credit in his last two bouts, but Phil Davis is a winner.  He has won his first nine bouts in his MMA career and is still one of the top-ranked light-heavyweights in the world.

    That doesn't mean Wagner Prado is going to be a pushover.  Remember, Prado has a knack for winning as well, starting his career off with an 8-0 record before making his UFC debut against Davis.

    Also, seven of those eight wins were by knockout for Prado.

Fighting in Enemy Territory in Brazil

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    Not only will Davis be fighting a man he just poked in the eye and a man who is looking to make a statement, he has to do it all in the backyard of his opponent in Brazil.

    Before the UFC, all of Prado's bouts have taken place in his native Brazil, and he will have a ton of Brazilian support on his side going into the biggest bout of his career.

    Davis got a victory over Alexander Gustafsson in Abu Dhabi in April 2010 and will be fighting in only his second bout outside the United States.

    Will Davis feel the heat from the crowd or will he emerge from the ashes with a decisive win?

Will Davis Stand with Prado?

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    The short answer on paper would be no.  Davis is a wrestler and would typically try to use his ground game in a situation like this.

    On the other hand, Davis has stated that he is not just a wrestler and wanted to mix it up with Prado in their first bout.

    In such an important fight, is it wise to stand with a striker or go to what he knows works (the wrestling)?

    We'll just have to see.

What Will a Win/Loss Do for Davis?

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    A win would do great things for Davis.

    First of all, that proverbial monkey will be off his back with a win over Prado, not to mention getting his first win since returning from a knee injury.

    The NCAA Division I wrestler is sure to benefit greatly, with a sure bout against a member of the top five in the light-heavyweight division as he sets his sights on the title.

    A loss would be devastating but not earth-shattering for Davis.  He will stay in the top 10, as his tendency to win and previous performances are too good to overlook.

    It's not a trend Davis will want to continue, so Davis will need to be ready to go when the first round gets underway at UFC 153.

    Will he achieve some redemption or will he have the world poked from underneath him?

    What do you think?


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