Boston Red Sox: 6 Funniest Player Commercials

Lucy Burdge@lucilleburdgeContributor IOctober 9, 2012

Boston Red Sox: 6 Funniest Player Commercials

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    Baseball players are not actors, and this is often evident when they are asked to star in commercials. While some of their TV spots are solid, many times it turns into an uncomfortable 30 seconds and you end up not even knowing what was being advertised. Here are some commercials that were funny, whether or not they were supposed to be.

    After what Red Sox fans experienced last year, a good laugh is needed, especially when it's laughing with or at past and present Boston players. 

Damon/Epstein for Dunkin Donuts

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    Oh, Johnny Damon. The man Red Sox Nation loves to hate. Back then, this traitor was beloved, and seeing him bald and combing his long moss in the clubhouse bathroom was amusing.

    Theo Epstein was also an interesting choice for this. The bribery that went on here makes one wonder what else went on behind the scenes with this team. Also, if I had found out that Damon was actually bald, it would take more than a couple coffees that look like milkshakes to keep me quiet about it. 

Curt Schilling for Dunkin

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    Schilling's dedication to this team was never demonstrated more strongly than in this commercial. He never quite got the accent down, but he didn't need it to fit in in Boston after that year. 

John Lackey for NESN/Red Sox Nation

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    Poor Lackey. Massachusetts roads are tough, but Don Orsillo's optimism actually makes navigating them seem simple. A little advice, John: If you haven't already, hire a driver. 

Manny Ramirez for SportsCenter

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    Manny Being Manny could have been the title of a short-lived reality show on NESN starring Ramirez and his antics on and off the field.

    The best episode would have been The One With the Cutoff Play, followed closely by The One With the High-Five, and then it would have been cancelled when Manny left Boston to make room for The Ultimate Red Sox Show.

    But this commercial is quintessential Manny, just eating in the ESPN cafeteria in full uniform. Oh, Manny. 

Most of the Team for NESN

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    This commercial answers the generational baseball question: What do they do during a rain delay? 

    The answer is surprising, but it's better than eating chicken and beer. 

David Oritz and Wally for ESPN

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    Ortiz takes a risk by wearing the devil's hat, but the scene stealer here is the guy who plays Wally. Showing emotion while wearing a monster costume is tough, but this Wally gets the point across with aplomb.

    Also, have you ever seen Ortiz wearing his Red Sox hat? His bill is pretty flat too. 

Extra Frames: The Bloopers

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    Even better than all these commercials are these bloopers. Again, baseball players are not actors. 

    Also, the Francona-Pedroia bromance will never die.