Christian "Wrestlemania" Anyone?

Robin RichardsContributor IMarch 9, 2009

How good is it to see Christian back home? The one problem is Christian has been given the task of hyping up a dead beat show ECW. Christian has done it all, three time Intercontinental Champion, a nine time World Tag Team Champion, seven of which were won with his storyline brother Edge, a one time European Champion, a one time  Hardcore Champion and a one time Light Heavyweight Champion and Two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion.


Christian is already proving himself again in ECW Showing Jack Swagger around a ring, But Vince McMahon seems to believe that Christian doesnt have the ability to hang with the big boys, Has Vince been watching ECW?

 Christian is all set as far as i can see. The Peeps are begging to see the Captain at Wrestlemania in which he should have been involved with one of the top matches on the card. Why hasnt this happened? Is it just me or is Christian being wasted or will Vince give him a higher status?


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