Rick Hendrick: Remember Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin (The Other Drivers)

Logan Riley Contributor IMarch 9, 2009

The two drivers you see in this photo above (Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Mark Martin) have definitely had the worst performances for Hendrick Motor Sports, and while Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson have been the most successful.

It's time for Rick Hendrick to spread the wealth.

The best plan to pick up the pace for Earnhardt Jr. and Martin would be for Gordon and Earnhardt to share one department, while Johnson and Martin form another.

Now, you have the same information being spread through the Hendrick roster, and more of a success rate for Hendrick's team.

If Hendrick doesn't start taking quality care of his team, he may only hurt himself.

Personally, I would love to see Earnhardt and Gordon in the same garage because it is well known they are great friends off the track, and it would probably bring back the rivalry between the duo, which has sort of been on the shelf for the last couple of years for numerous reasons.

Eanhardt vs. Gordon is what people tune in to see, so in a sense, Hendrick is the proverbial "puppet master" of NASCAR at the moment with the two most popular drivers in NASCAR in his stable.