4 Ways the Miami Heat Can Utilize LeBron James Even More Effectively in 2012-13

Brendan Bowers@@BowersCLEContributor IIOctober 9, 2012

LeBron James of the Miami Heat.
LeBron James of the Miami Heat.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Miami Heat can utilize LeBron James even more effectively this season by consistently running their offense through him in the high post.

This will allow James to capitalize on his ability to score with his back to the basket, attack the rim in the half-court and create multiple scoring opportunities for his teammates.

Below are four examples of what can happen when James has the basketball in the high-post area of the floor.

1. Scoring with his back to the basket from the high post.

In the video above, James first catches the basketball just below the free-throw line extended in a post-up position. After using two back-down dribbles, he spins away from the basket and knocks down a four-foot jump shot.

Later, he catches at approximately the same area on the floor and delivers a similar result.

On the third scoring play in the video, James receives the basketball one step farther away than the previous two. From a post-up position, at the elbow extended, James uses three back-down dribbles, spins baseline, and scores before his defender has an opportunity to raise his arm and contest the shot.

On the last play in this series, James catches the basketball just above the left block. He bounces it one time before spinning away and connecting on the short baseline jump shot. 

In each example, the defender had no chance of stopping James with his back to the basket in the high-post area of the floor.  


2. Attacking the rim in the half-court from a post-up position.

James can attack the rim in the open court unlike any player in the game today. However, if the Heat are looking to utilize James even more effectively on their quest to repeat as NBA champions, he will also need an increased opportunity to attack the rim in the half-court. 

In the video above, James is able to do specifically that after receiving the basketball in a post-up position.

Catching it on the re-post, approximately seven feet from the hoop, James used three dribbles, then a spin baseline for the easy layup.

3. Creating three-point opportunities for teammates from the high-post area.

In each of the previous two videos, no help was sent to defend James in the painted area. In order to have a chance of defending James in the high post, you do need to send as much help as possible.

As the Miami Heat continue to feature James in the high post this season, teams will respond by sending help defenders.

When they do, James will find open three-point shooters all over the perimeter.

In third video, James does not start in the high post. However, the pass he made to Mario Chalmers for the three-point basket was made from the free-throw line.

Chalmers' defender was forced to help off his man by the fact that James eventually had the basketball at the high post.

When that defender left, James created a scoring opportunity from three-point range that Chalmers was able to convert. 


4. Creating scoring opportunities for teammates at the rim. 

In this last video, James finds Chris Bosh standing wide open at the rim. Three Detroit Pistons converged on James after he arrived at the right elbow with the basketball.

LeBron did start on the perimeter, but was most effective once he had the basketball in the high post.

As multiple defenders converge on James in this area, just like the Pistons did in the video, he will also find teammates open at the rim for easy scoring opportunities.

If they don't converge on him, he'll just end up scoring himself.