Polish Kickboxer Drops Opponent Immediately with Devastating Kick to Face

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One kickboxer enters the ring with a devastating move. The other, not so much. 

Busted Coverage had this video and we just had to feature it here. There isn't much in the way of information, so I welcome any of you who have more details to sound off in the comments section below. 

It seems these are two Polish MMA fighters. Well, one is. The other seems content to be a kickboxing fan with the best and worst seats in the house. 

He is the closest to the action so he gets to see this epic kick to the face better than anyone. The bad news, for him, is he is also the one getting kicked in the face. 

You know the one who gets knocked out is in trouble before the round even begins. The victor is just lounging in the corner with the swag of a man who is about to shock the world. 

The loser is kind of just moving awkwardly in his corner, wondering how he got talked into a kickboxing fight without the ability to block anything. 

As soon as the fighter with the Clayton Kershaw beard goes into kick, the young man in the white shorts feels likes it's a good idea to duck toward the oncoming leg. 

And then the lights suddenly go out for our kickboxing hopeful. 

There is no counting from the official, because he is visibly done for the night. And that is why it's best to watch kickboxing on TV like the rest of us. 

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