Kirk Cousins: 4 Teams That Should Trade Now for the Washington Redskins QB

Nick Kostora@@nickkostoraContributor IIIOctober 8, 2012

Kirk Cousins: 4 Teams That Should Trade Now for the Washington Redskins QB

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    Kirk Cousins can, should and likely will become a hot commodity on the NFL trade market rather quickly. The way he stepped in for an injured Robert Griffin III in Week 5 was exactly what Washington Redskins fans hoped to see, as he went 5-of-9 passing for 111 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions.

    Cousins looked confident and comfortable in the pocket, delivered well-placed spirals to open receivers and wowed everyone on a 77-yard completion to Santana Moss.

    Now the questions of who should inquire about Cousins must begin to surface.

    Washington almost certainly hoped this would come at some point—why else would it pick two highly sought-after QBs in April's draft? Cousins is a piece of highly lucrative trade bait, and there are plenty of teams that need his services right now either to produce immediately on the field or to add valued depth to the roster.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

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    The sheer talent and athleticism of Michael Vick always have been reason enough to look past his numerous injuries. After all, it's hard not to get hurt when you run the ball more than some starting RBs.

    However, this season Vick has struggled even when healthy and on the field.

    Philadelphia needs to ensure there is a legitimate contingency plan in place. Vick has missed at least one game in eight of his nine NFL campaigns, and when he undoubtedly stumbles again, the Eagles would be wise to ensure the next guy in line is prepared for what is in front of him.

    QB Nick Foles has received plenty of hype and praise since being drafted, but by bringing in Cousins, the Eagles could avoid complacency and a sense of entitlement out of Foles. Allow these two QBs to compete for the No. 2 spot and receive the tutelage of Andy Reid.

    Plus, Cousins beat Foles out for a job early in their college careers and may actually have a higher ceiling than Foles. Cousins missed just one game at Michigan State, and with the current state of the Eagles offensive line, toughness and stability are of utmost importance.

3. Cleveland Browns

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    The current situation in Cleveland is a mess. The Browns are unquestionably the worst team in football, and rookie Brandon Weeden has a passer rating of just 64.5—the worst of any starter in the NFL.

    Cleveland is transitioning to the new ownership of Jimmy Haslam and would be wise to clean house entirely, starting with the conundrum at quarterback.

    At 28 years of age, Weeden is too old to develop into a franchise guy. He needed to be NFL-ready right out of the draft, and that is not the case.

    Colt McCoy certainly has his supporters, but Cousins makes more sense moving forward. Having run a pro-style offense at MSU and impressing in limited Week 5 action, Cousins could be the fresh building block to mark the beginning of the Haslam era.

    Cleveland has gone through too many QB changes in recent years to count, and that frustration has to be unbearable. However, if it takes one more change under center to find the star of the next decade, is that not worth it?

2. New York Jets

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    There are few football fans who are not sick and tired of hearing about Tim Tebow, Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets.

    Well, instead of arguing for Tebow to start, how about making the case for a fresh face at QB altogether?

    Sanchez has not progressed since becoming the Jets' starter in 2009—in fact, he has regressed statistically. Tebow has yet to be given a real chance to assert himself in New York, but his brand of quarterbacking may not fit the Jets' offensive philosophy as well as Cousins' anyway.

    Head coach Rex Ryan has often discussed his idea of playing "Jets football" and being a "ground-and-pound team." This philosophy is hard to execute when opposing defenses have no fear of the passing attack. Loading the box with seven or eight defenders is commonplace because Sanchez refuses to prove he can consistently beat deep coverage.

    Enter Cousins. He could be a smart, accurate and, most importantly, steady option to run the Jets' scheme. Cousins completed more than 62 percent of his passes at MSU and threw 56 touchdowns compared to just 30 interceptions.

    This season already may be a lost cause for New York, but by inserting Cousins, there at least can be hope for the future.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

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    The Kansas City Chiefs have a bleak future at quarterback. Matt Cassel has not panned out as the franchise guy, and the back-up role currently is being filled by Brady Quinn.

    Cassel's passer rating this season stands at a meager 66.2, and he has thrown five touchdowns compared to nine interceptions. What is perhaps most frustrating is the fact that Kansas City is stocked with young and talented players, but without a competent QB, that goes for naught.

    Cousins is a promising rookie who could perform the "game manager" duties quite nicely (at least for this season). He will make the necessary throws while making sure Jamaal Charles handles the bulk of the offensive workload.

    Cousins simply fits with what Kansas City is trying to do offensively.