XWA Wrestling Recap for October 6th 2012: Aftermath

Peter Hopey@phopeyCorrespondent IOctober 8, 2012

XWA's October 2012 event titled "Aftermath"
XWA's October 2012 event titled "Aftermath"

The fans are still buzzing outside the arena this evening.

What are they saying?

What’s next for Shaheer Rasool?

Quest For Gold saw the current reigning XWA Heavyweight Champion of the world Shaheer Rasool defeat arch enemy Julius Fantana in what can only be described as an epic battle of good versus evil. Only in this case, the evil came out on top.

In addition to the main event, we also saw the tag team titles defended when the Wave Riders beat the R&R Express. [Note: In a subsequent show the next evening in Fredericton, the R&R Express captured gold the first time by defeating the Wave Riders in the re-match.]

And in a hotly anticipated match, the former tag team of Ryan Heath and Dazzling Dick Durning (“Above Average”) won a 3-on-2 handicap match against the FRAT (Josh Kotsabasakis, Dale Dangles, and Chip Chambers) in what could only be called a slugfest. Dazzling Dick Durning would finish the match but ended up being put on the shelf with an undisclosed injury.

Tonight will be an opportunity to see the fallout from Quest For Gold and quite appropriately is titled “Aftermath”.

Who will be the next XWA wrestler to take a shot at Shaheer Rasool?

Are Above Average back together, or was their teaming up last month “one time only”?

Will the Wave Riders be looking for a rematch for the XWA Tag Team Championships or does Nelson Hum (XWA President) send them to the back of the line?

Time to get down to business and find out.

[What follows is a recap of the October XWA event, “Aftermath".]

Championship roll call

XWA Heavyweight Champion

Shaheer Rasool

XWA Tag Team Champions

R&R Express

XWA Elite Division Champion

Jonny Versace

Segment one – A video of last month’s event plays for the fans

The production crew rolls a video package highlighting the action at Quest For Gold (XWA’s September offering).

Segment two – The Sheik hypes his protege

The Sheik starts us off tonight by hyping his man Shaheer Rasool to the fans. The Sheik says Rasool has beaten all of the challengers. Rasool himself takes an opportunity to recount the various people he’s beaten (at least that’s what I think he’s saying… this guy has zero English speaking skills).

The Sheik issues an open challenge to anyone in the back to try his man on for size, if they have the guts.

Who is out to man up?

None other than Sunny Warcloud…

Match 1 – Shaheer Rasool vs Sunny Warcloud

This one gets off to a hot start with Sunny taking it to both The Sheik and Rasool. The defacto bad guys want to leave and never come back, but referee Steve Doussaud orders them to get back to the ring and finish what they started.

Reluctantly, The Sheik sends Rasool back to the slaughter as we finally get a bell to make this official And Sunny wastes no time as he applies a cross armbreaker in hopes of submitting the terror from the middle east. Rasool didn’t appear to be in a giving up mood however Warcloud transitioned into a guillotine choke.

A little later as Warcloud and Rasool work their way to their feet, they both topple over the top rope. Warcloud is able to land on the apron and slides back in on his own. As Rasool struggles to get to his feet on the outside, Warcloud takes advantage and sprints off the ropes and flies outside through the ropes taking Rasool into the rails with a flying cross body.

Rasool starts to get to his feet as the referee begins the count. Warcloud is back in the ring with Rasool and before he has time to get his bearings, Warcloud eats a big boot to the face. Rasool follows that up by dragging Sunny’s face along the top rope. The Arab is taking control now after taking an early pounding.

Meanwhile, The Sheik is pacing outside the ring. Rasool goes up to the top turnbuckle and attempts a 360 legdrop, but misses! Warcloud takes over with a couple of stiff elbows and a huge dropkick. Sunny breaks out a Michinoku Driver and follows it up with a frog splash. 1, 2, 2.99… So close!

It’s looking as if Warcloud is closing in on a surprise victory here. The Sheik must be sensing the same as he’s up to the turnbuckle screaming at Warcloud. Rasool seizes the opportunity and delivers a forearm from behind.

Rasool follows that up with what looks like in inverted Razor’s Edge from the top turnbuckle! I can honestly say in my 32 years of watching wrestling that I have ever seen that move. Wow! Even Rasool finds himself down and out after eating some of the impact of the move himself.

Things get a little crazy as Rasool delivers his setup move, the Al Qaeda Plunge, and then applies the dreaded Persian Necktie. Warcloud clearly has his leg under the ropes though. Rasool doesn’t seem to care and keeps cranking no the pressure. After a couple of warnings and a 5 count, Doussaud is forced to call for a DQ. Because Rasool would not break the hold, Warcloud picks up the victory, but not the title.

Rasool is not happy at all, and proceeds to take the referee down into the Persian Necktie. He applies pressure and Doussaud is screaming in pain. Rasool finally breaks the hold, but isn’t finished as he then applies a partial camel clutch! The referee appears to have gone limp now and Rasool releases the hold

Referee Matt Pettifer comes out but Rasool chases him away. The Sheik stays in the ring taunting the fallen referee. This may mean we’re down by one referee for the rest of the night as Doussaud only gets to the back with security guards on each side.

Segment three – Joshua Kotsabasakis fondly remembers Quest For Gold

The Freshman Josh Kotsabasakis is out to talk to his faithful fans. He gives us a recap of how HE saw things play out at Quest For Gold. He reminds us that the Pledge cost him the victory for his team and that at the end of the day, he took out Dazzling Dick Durning (noticeably absent from the card this evening). He’s got Ryan Heath tonight and when he’s finished, Above Average will be no more.

Match 2 – Full Metal Militia  vs R&R Express (c)

Next up was the XWA Tag Team Championships being defended by the current reigning (since the Fredericton show on September 8th) champions R&R Express Rick and Rodney Owens. Tonight’s opponents were the Full Metal Militia, Adrian Rage and Jax Mason. Both of these teams are relative newcomers on the scene with the R&R Express having been the first to strike gold here in the XWA.

Mason and Rick start the match and offer each other a handshake at the onset. Mason gets the early upper hand with a headlock. Rick sends Mason into the ropes where he’s waiting to deliver a huge shoulder block. But it barely budges Mason. Rick goes to plan B and nails a big dropkick before tagging in Rodney.

R&R Express illustrate a little tag team wrestling as they send Mason into the ropes and catch him with a double hip toss which takes the big man down to the mat. Mason eats a couple of running knees in the corner by Rick after being sent into the corner by a big slingshot. Rick drives his knee into the back of the seated Mason and cranks on a chinlock.

Rage has seen enough and comes in to break up the hold. After Mason is up to his feet, he gets to the corner and makes a legal tag and in comes Rage. Before he tags out, Full Metal Militia decides to deliver double headbutts then take Rick off his feet with double front Russian legsweep.

Rage starts to work the knee of of Rick until he finally powers up and sends him into the corner. In comes Mason. Having seemingly caught his breath, big clothesline by Rick takes Mason down. Once Mason gets to his feet, he slingshots Rick into the ropes. Rick reverses it and delivers a sitout powerbomb to Mason, shaking the ring.

Rick finally crawls his way to Rodney and in he comes cleaning house with clotheslines to anyone who gets in his way. Rodney nails a jumping leg lariat to Mason and rolls him over for the win! Who saw that coming? Full Metal Militia definitely showed they belonged tonight but the champs still retain.

But before we go anywhere, “If everybody had an ocean…” It’s the Wave Riders. Mikey and Kayden Rave are out to the ring in street clothes. Looks like they’re not planning on competing this evening but wanted to share an update. The Wave Riders talked to Nelson Hum and as is customary, secured their rematch (as outgoing XWA Tag Team Champions) next month at Revenge.

This didn’t seem to frazzle the champions although there was a somewhat awkward exchange of handshakes in the ring. Mutual respect seemed to prevail over what appeared to be a fleeting thought of attacking the former champions. We’ll get to see this matchup next month. The fans are in for a treat. Full Metal Militia will regroup and come back stronger than ever.

Segment four – The Big Nasty Challenge Continues

Lance London introduces us again to Big Nasty and the slam challenge continues. Similar to last month, the cagey manager London selects a child from the crowd to attempt a slam. As everyone expected, he wasn’t able to slam the monster they call Big Nasty. Someone has to eventually give this big man a go, but who has yet to be determined. For now it looks like we’re stuck watching Big Nasty strut his KFC.

Match 3 – Josh Kotsabasakis The Pledge vs Ryan Heath

This was supposed to be an opportunity for Josh Kotsabasakis to finish off the other half of Above Average but as we learn quickly Kotsabasakis has opted not to compete after all. He’s got a replacement in the form of The Pledge.

The Pledge (as seems customary) strikes first with a slap to Heath. Pledge then bails to the floor and begins doing laps around the ring while screeching for help. After perhaps one lap the Pledge stops to catch his breath. Heath ultimately follows the Pledge’s trail and when he DOES stop, Heath drills him in the back with a forearm.

It quickly spills into the stands when Heath throws the Pledge over the security rail. The assault continues up into the bleachers before Heath scales the railing and rolls back into the ring to break the count at 7. Heath heads back over the rail and into the stands and tosses the Pledge into the wall at the top of the bleachers. After some more brawling Heath brings Pledge back down to the ring.

Having pulled down the pad, Heath delivered a jumping knee drop to the face of the Pledge and then the first pin attempt of the match. At the count of two, Heath actually pulls Pledge’s head up. Heath is toying with the Pledge as he asks the fans whether he should hit him with another knee. They say yes, and Heath obliges.

Heath gets Pledge into the corner and starts slapping his gut over and over like a bongo drum as the crowd chanted "pink belly, pink belly.".  He backs across the ring and delivers a running clothesline. Heath pulls Pledge back to his feet before lambasting Pledge with more chops to the chest. You can see the Pledge’s chest getting bright red from all the damage inflicted tonight.

BIG belly to back suplex sends Pledge across the ring. And the “wedgie” chants begin. Heath decides to give the fans a treat as he strips the Pledge down to his pink thong (October IS Breast Cancer Awareness month in Canada you know)!

In one of the strangest moves I’ve ever witnessed in a ring, heath proceeds to grab onto the nipples of Pledge and twists them repeatedly. Pledge actually uses his left hand to tap out. We get the announcement that The Canadian Icon Ryan Heath has defeated the Pledge via (wait for it) Purple Nurple. Look it up…


Match 4 – Wesley Pipes Interview Wesley Pipes vs John Striker

Instead of Wesley Pipes being given 15 minutes of fame to trash talk, this one actually morphed from another interview from the "muscled one" into an unexpected confrontation in the ring, as Striker came to the ring to challenge Pipes  .

We get right down to business with this match as Pipes jumps Striker before the bell rings. Striker is clearly fired up for this one as most of the blows Pipes lands seem to agitate him more than hurt him. Chops that might knock down anyone else don’t seem to phase Striker. Striker takes Pipes up to his shoulders as he looks to end it quick.

Pipes fights his way out with some elbows to the head and a subsequent shove to Striker sending him face first into the turnbuckle. Pipes sends Striker off the ropes and then drops to one knee to deliver a thrusting punch to the throat which sends Striker reeling. Multiple inverted atomic drops put Striker down on his back.

As Pipes argues with the referee, Striker approaches from behind only to receive a low blow for his troubles. Striker works to get to his feet but Pipes is firmly in control. He does take his eyes off the prize at one point when he once again was bickering with the referee. Striker seized the opportunity and attempted a schoolboy for a two count.

We move ahead to a point where Pipes tries to pick Striker up from the mat. Striker gets to his knees and begins delivering headbutts to Pipes but again, Pipes cuts off the comeback. Pipes takes Striker up in the air and delivers a front suplex. Pipes follows this up by sending Striker off the ropes and into a big elbow.

The crowd is really pulling for Striker as he must be hurting at this point. As Pipes goes up top Striker punches him, which sends him straddling the turnbuckle. Striker climbs up and delivers a monster superplex. Striker wastes little time trying to set up the F-5 but Pipes again is able to not only block the move, but somehow maneuver into position to deliver a DDT.

After Striker makes it to his feet, Pipes goes for the big boot to the face. Striker blocks the attempt, and turns it into a spinebuster. Again Striker tries to set up the F-5 but Pipes (who clearly has this move scouted) gets out of it by crawling down Strikers body. Pipes ultimately gets into position for rollup and by grabbing a huge handful of tights, he secures the 1-2-3. Unfortunately for Striker, the referee was in a poor position to see the violation so the result stands.

Match 5 – James Steele vs Jonny Versace (c)

Time for the main event of the evening between the “working class hero” James Steele and current XWA Elite Division Champion Jonny Versace. Before the action starts, Steele grabs the mic and wants to know where his valet Izabella Bliss is at. He’s been calling, texting, etc…

Last month at Quest For Gold she was a no show and he’s perplexed at why she was not present for perhaps the biggest match of his career. After some slight delay, Bliss is out to the ring and begins trying to explain to Steele where she was but before she can finish, Versace’s music hits.

This was originally a non title matchup but for some reason, Versace is feeling generous and opts to defend his title. Versace notes that Steele’s knee is still bad from last month so while it’s noble of him to even compete, it’s also kind of stupid. I suspect Versace took into account Steele’s supposed bum knee before making this a title match

Early on Steele gets the upper hand. A big shoulder tackle followed by an arm drag sends Versace to his back. Steele cranks the headlock. An irish whip sends Versace into the corner. As he rebounds from the corner he’s met by a hip toss by Steele. Steele sends him out to the floor and Versace looks quite agitated.

A short game of chase ensues as Steele heads out to get his hands on Versace. Versace races around the ring and eventually hides behind Bliss. Steele pulls up before Versace shoves Bliss at Steele. As Steele stops to check on Bliss, Versace (who had re-entered the ring) slid back out to attack Steele from behind.

Versace rolls Steele back into the ring and starts attacking the knee. Versace steps on it, bends it, stretches it, and generally does everything possible to inflict pain and anguish into his opponent. Versace lays Steele’s leg over the bottom rope, and then jumps in the air and lands on the leg hard. Steele is clearly in some major discomfort. Versace does this repeatedly until Steele is finally able to kick Versace up and over the top rope to the outside.

While clearly sporting a bad wheel, Steele still is able to maintain some brief offense as he delivers a spinebuster to Versace. Shortly thereafter Versace reverses his fortunes and gains the upper hand. Versace bounces off the ropes and lands a Great Muta inspired elbow. He heads up to the top rope and prepares to deliver a high risk move.

Steele is able to knock Versace down straddling the ropes in an unpleasant position. Steele follows this with a patented superkick to the head which sends Versace to the floor below. Steele evidently smells blood as he rolls him back in for a pin attempt. The ref counts two before Versace kicks out,.

Steele tries for a match ending superkick only to miss. Izabella Bliss jumps up to the apron and the referee gets distracted. As Steele tries to intervene Versace sneaks up from behind to roll him up with a handful of tights to get the 1-2-3 victory!

Versace retains, and Steele and Bliss look like they need some couples therapy. Where this relationship goes is anyone’s guess. One things for certain, these two do NOT appear to be on the same page tonight.

Biggest Pops Of Night

1. R&R Express retain their XWA Tag Team Championship belts

2. The Wave Riders are on hand to let the R&R Express know that Nelson Hum has granted them a re-match for next month at Revenge

3. The Pledge will be taking on Ryan Heath

Biggest Boos Of Night

1. Shaheer Rasool tries to make referee Steve Doussaud eligible for a handicap placard as he puts him in the Persian Necktie and refuses to break the hold

2. Jonny Versace retains his XWA Elite Championship by cheating with a handful of tights

3. Josh Kotsabasakis lays down the smack on the Pledge after his loss to Ryan Heath

Highlight of Night

1. The R&R Express and Full Metal Militia put on a fantastic tag team match showing once again that the talent pool in the XWA Tag Team division is more solid than ever

Surprise of Night

1. No Gyration Nation, Dazzling Dick Durning, Julius Fantana, Nightmare, OR Barstool Bailey…

The next Saint John show is Revenge, and will come to you from Sam de Cham on November 10th 2012. Doors will open at 7:00pm, first bell is 7:30pm. See you next time!

XWA is Canada's premier independent wrestling promotion based out of Saint John New Brunswick Canada. More information on the promotion including recaps of past events as well as information on upcoming events can be found on their website located at:



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