Ohio State Football: Handstand O-H-I-O Takes Buckeye Fandom to New Level

Adam Jacobi@Adam_JacobiBig Ten Football Lead WriterOctober 8, 2012

Via Facebook.com/OSU
Via Facebook.com/OSU

"O-H!" "I-O!" That's the call back and forth between Ohio State fans, ever pleased with themselves that with a collaborative effort, they can spell the name of their state. It could be worse—unlike "M-I-Z!" "Z-O-U!", the Buckeye fans are at least spelling the state correctly.

"Oh, but it's just a nickname," Missouri fans protest. Riiiight.

At any rate, this collective joy in the letters O, H, I and O again going in that specific order has so enthralled fans of the Scarlet and Gray that they even like to form the word in hand gestures—some real YMCA stuff—and the school is helpfully compiling the different places where Ohio State fans show their pride at this website.

But that picture up top, from the Ohio State official Facebook page, is some next-level work.

(Brief aside: Handstands scare me. Seems like that's a great way to lose all your teeth or break your neck or whatever. Then again, I have the arms of a velociraptor.)

Between this, the outstanding video game tribute by the Ohio State band from this weekend and the Eat Too, Brutus fundraiser held by Eleven Warriors, Ohio State fans are doing a lot of things right lately. Step your game up, every other fanbase.