Mark Sanchez' Girlfriend: Pics of Jets QB's Hollywood Hottie Eva Longoria

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterOctober 8, 2012

Photo Credit: Gossip Cop
Photo Credit: Gossip Cop

Mark Sanchez is enjoying quite the volatile season.

Questions remain as to his status as the Jets' starting quarterback, while off the field he recently entered a very public relationship with Hollywood starlet Eva Longoria. 

The NY Jets aren't exactly enjoying a sprint out of the gate for the 2012 season; the team is 2-2 headed into a Monday night game with a very good Houston Texans team. 

All the while, questions are once again presented about Mark Sanchez and his hold on the starting gig. As we know, things get precarious when Tim Tebow is sitting right behind you on the depth chart. 

This isn't to concentrate on the ongoing plight of Sanchez and his consistency.

This is more about the other tremendous news item from his life this past year. A Manhattan playboy who has been tied to numerous rumors with a myriad of beautiful women has finally decided to date just one. 

Last month, the former wife of Spurs star Tony Parker decided to come clean on her budding romance with Sanchez, 25. 

The 37-year-old was on Extra with her good buddy Mario Lopez and spilled the proverbial beans that she was, in fact, dating the Jets star. 

She stressed things were not all that serious, stating, "Mark and I are, you know, fine. We're happy just dating."

Later in the month, the two were seen being quite the couple as they went apartment hunting around New York City, via The Daily Mail

If you thought the tumult on the field for Sanchez was ridiculous, consider the couple will have to go through the usual amount of rumors hitting all other A-list celebs. 

They have already spurned a pregnancy rumor and taken friendly jabs about their age difference

For Sanchez, he continues to enjoy the best and worst of being the quarterback on a high-profile franchise. 


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