Indian Football Federation to Buy Out 25 Star Players!

clash terribleContributor IMarch 9, 2009

This is not a surprise, indeed Bob Houghton has been rooting for this for quite a while. Apart from being a wily coach, Bob knows the importance of excelling in international arenas, which will raise the profile of Indian Football.

He knows things might change for good, if the national team can earn a World Cup berth or have good run in some Asian competitions. It is a mighty “might”—still, it is worth a try.

Then again, it is AIFF. The ever bleating clubs will be at it again, it will be a tantamount effort from AIFF, if at all this materialize. On one hand, it will be nice to have a dedicated national team for football who doesn’t play club football but on the other, shouldn’t we think we are hampering the careers of young footballers without allowing them to play club football?

Everything has a leeway, if things are to be managed sensibly, after all two seasons is the time span quoted and that is not bad. I am not brimming with optimism, as the lessons from history do not allow me to do so.

The amount of money involved in such an adventure is massive and it should be a fool proof, to pull it off. Will the incompetent AIFF turn the corners this time around?

Wait and Watch!


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