New Orleans Saints Pick a Great Addition to Their Defense with Greg Williams

Chris OryCorrespondent IMarch 9, 2009

It's about time that the Saints bring in a defense cord. that can actually do something. Greg Williams is a genius with the 4-3 defense. He comes to New Orleans with the reputation of turning defenses around.

The Saints have talent on there defense its ether young or just hasn't been coached right. There are some spots that need to be addressed this season like safety, linebacker, and corner.

We have made some minor moves in free agency to bring in some talent to help at corner. I believe we need to draft a safety or linebacker with our first-round draft pick or trade it for a second-third round pick and a player.

He will ether get the Saints d-line playing like they did before grant got his big contract. If not he will pretty much retool that whole d-line around Sedrick Ellis.

If he can bring the Saints defense to a top 20 defense then the Saints will have a serious shot at winning the NFC south. Maybe even the Super Bowl.

Let's see what happens, and GO SAINTS!