The New Oakland Raiders: Young, Fast, and Hungry!!!!

RaiderusMaxAnalyst IIMarch 9, 2009


It appears that Al Davis is working overtime on getting a Super Bowl team together.

At this point, the Oakland Raiders have the best CB in the league in the young, skilled Nnamdi Asomugha. The Raiders also have the best punter in Shane Lechler. Lechler is one of the oldest players for the Raiders, but all over this Silver and Black team there are some very, very talented players, and with a great draft they could very well be the AFC powerhouse.

The Oakland Raiders defensively have young, fast players like Thomas Howard, Kirk Morrison, and Trevor Scott. On offense, Robert Gallery has really improved this year. Gallery turned out to be a good pick as the guy definitely improved. I understand many of you feel he was not worth the pick when we got him but I am happy we have him and with Cable running the show theres no doubt in my mind he will improve. Just try to remember, we ended the season with wins and the Defense held up as did the offense against TB.There should be changes in this lineup, but I am certain Tom Cable is aware of the issues at offense but the season has not started and theres time for changes. I do think we should pick up Khalif Barnes but I leave it in the hands of the almighty Al.

In the Raider offense they have the talent of JaMarcus Russell, who I swear can throw the ball with precision and strength when he has the time. This should be his year as he is noew familiar with the system and the Raiders hsould be able to keep Cable all year long. Stability says a lot, ask Pittsburghs Cowher. Oren O'Neal is another young player with talent writtien all over, he may be another stellar player.

  Let us not forget the great hands of Zach Miller and my personal favorite: Johnnie Lee Higgins, The Silver Streak! There was also the brief appearance by Chaz Schilens; the guy is wearing the numbers of Tim Brown and doing a great job representing!

Okay , this has been a fun article to write because there are so many great Silver and Black players to watch this year. Darren McFadden looks to be a great player. I am really hoping that Tom Cable uses McFadden as RB/WR/QB. McFadden has great hands coming out of the backfield and down the sidelines. He is a solid player that plays physical. If his attitude spreads throughout the locker room this year, I will say that it will be a great season for the Raiders and the Raider Nation.

Another talent is Michael Bush. He is the beast and I believe in all three RBs for the Raiders regardless of what  music videos they were involved in. Fargas, Bush, and McFadden are the real threat. So long as that O-line does its job, then these backs will be doing theirs.

I could really see a game in which they each gain 100 yds. I would love to be there too, as it would most likely be against the Denver Broncos in Oakland. I've seen it before when Napoleon Kaufman broke Bo Jackson's most rushing yards record against the Broncos in Oakland. So believe me fans, it can happen. It is really the right play calling and the great coaching. You've already seen what new coaching did for the Raiders after releasing Kiffin.

The Oakland Raiders have a lot of youth and speed this year. They ended the season with back-to-back wins and by keeping the "Cableman" in control. The Raider organization is looking a lot more promising.

Speed is the game. Defense is everything. The Raiders are really close to just blowing the top off the AFC and stunning the masses that basically "hate" on this legendary team. So if you are here to hate then please just blow.

All others...enjoy the ride.

The Raiders are back!