Tiger Woods & the Worst Divorces in Sports: BR5

BR5Daily ShowOctober 8, 2012

Players have break ups with teams all the time, but when you’re talking about divorce in their personal lives, it gets a lot messier.  Here’s our list of some of the worst divorces in sports.

Starting us off is Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren. Their break up was one of the most salacious and reported on divorces in recent memory. It all started on Thanksgiving night in 2009, when Tiger crashed his car,  and all the stories of his infidelities came boiling to the surface in the weeks that followed. Elin got a $100 million settlement, and Tiger has not played the same since.

When Tony Parker decided to screw things up between he and Eva Longoria, he decided to shoot for the stars. And by stars, we mean his own teammate Brent Barry’s wife. Parker got caught “sexting” with Erin Barry, and Eva quickly sent Parker his walking papers.

Next up is Mike Tyson and Robin Givens’ split. This break up was one of the first intensely scrutinized sports divorces, as, at the time, Tyson was one of the most visible athletes in the world. Robin Givens was also already a star in her own right, so when their relationship soured its no surprise the media latched on. Givens received $10 million out of the split, and Tyson went on to lose his titles and encounter controversy for the remainder of his career.

In the lead for weirdest divorce is Sergei Federov and Anna Kournikova. In a bizarre twist, Kournikova denied they were married, and somehow was allegedly engaged to Federov’s teammate Pavel Bure at the same time. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. At around this same time, Anna started dating singing sensation Enrique Iglesias.  You know your marriage is doomed when you also have a fiancée and boyfriend at the same time.

No one can forget the epic-ly lame and epic-ly short Kris Humphries-Kim Kardashian union. For 72 blissful days the two were basketball’s royal couple, but before you could blink the marriage fell apart, amid  widespread speculation that their relationship was largely fake, and put on for the reality show cameras that followed Kardashian’s every move.

Perhaps one of the most expensive sports divorces of all time came from Michael Jordan and wife, Juanita, in 2007. After almost 20 years of wedded bliss, the two called it quits with Juanita raking in the ungodly sum of $168 million. Good thing Air Jordan managed to make a little change in his playing days, and could afford it.