ESPN Baseball Challenge: Is it Better Than Rotisserie?

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IMarch 18, 2008


I must admit it...I am totally addicted to the ESPN Baseball Challenge, and if you are a stat head Money Ball fanatic like myself you will love it to, because the stats that are used for this fantasy game more accurately represent the true value of a player to his team.

Typical 5x5 Roisserie leagues are based around the categories of BA,HRs, SB, Hits and Runs. In ESPN’s Baseball Challenge points are assigned by total bases as well as runs and RBI. In other words OPS is part of the calculation. As far as pitching goes it is mostly about WHIP, strikeouts and wins. Saves aren’t valued as much as in Rotisserie since you pick a team’s staff for that game and not individual pitchers. A bad team pitching performance can earn you negative points. So choose wisely.

The idea is to garner the most points while staying under the salary cap of $50M. The players values can go up or down based on performance, so if you can find a hot player for cheap you hold onto him.

There is no draft. You just pick the best roster you can among the nine position players, a DH and the staff that gives you the most bang for the buck.

The game can be played in a weekly or daily format, and you play either half of the season or if you prefer the whole season.

Play it and you will gain more insight into the modern way of valuing baseball players.