Which Phoenix Suns Players Did ESPN's #NBArank Overvalue and Undervalue?

Roberto Payne@@HouseofPayne555Contributor IOctober 8, 2012

Which Phoenix Suns Players Did ESPN's #NBArank Overvalue and Undervalue?

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    Every year, ESPN releases their #NBArank rankings of the top 500 players in the NBA. This year, the Phoenix Suns placed 11 members of the team in the top 500.

    Marcin Gortat (57), Luis Scola (68), Goran Dragic (83), Jared Dudley (140), Michael Beasley (158), Channing Frye (191), Shannon Brown (235), Markieff Morris (238), Kendall Marshall (296), Wesley Johnson (322) and Sebastian Telfair (369) make up the 11 listed players.

    One has to wonder how accurate these rankings are.

    Of these 11 players, it's clear that some have been undervalued and others overvalued.

    Read on to see which Phoenix Suns players were in this year's edition of #NBArank.

Markieff Morris: Undervalued

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    Markieff Morris had a nice rookie year in 2011-12. The 23-year-old has worked this offseason to build on that and be even better in his sophomore year.

    Morris has already translated that work to the NBA Summer League, where he looked like a more focused player overall.

    His success in his first year and subsequent improvement should have been enough to earn a higher rank than 238.

    Notable names above Morris include Joel Anthony (209), Josh Howard (216), Ekpe Udoh (226) and Reggie Evans (237).

    Morris's defense and shooting makes him much more valuable than those four names, and others ranked even higher.

    Look for Morris to show this season why he deserves to be higher on this list next year.

Channing Frye: Overvalued

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    Channing Frye has really established himself as a solid rotational player after a couple of respectable seasons with the Phoenix Suns.

    However, that doesn't mean Frye should be ranked ahead of players who are clearly more talented than him.

    Kemba Walker (199), Enes Kanter (205), Damian Lillard (211) and Thomas Robinson (215) are just a few of the names ranked below Frye.

    Frye might be valuable to Phoenix, but he's not more talented than any of these guys.

Michael Beasley: Undervalued

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    Last season, Michael Beasley had his worst season as an NBA player. He dropped from 109 to 158 in the ESPN #NBArank.

    However, this drop was unnecessary, and clearly doesn't take the coaching carousel that the 23-year-old has endured during his first four NBA seasons into account.

    Beasley has gone through three head coaches in those four years. What's more, he played the lowest minutes of his career for most recent coach Rick Adelman in Minnesota.

    Should Beasley really be punished for that?

    Samuel Dalembert (136), Metta World Peace (137), Glen Davis (141), Isaiah Thomas (150) and DeJuan Blair (155) are all ranked ahead of him, but in no way do any of these players have more talent than Beasley.

    It's kind of ridiculous that people see Beasley as a lesser player, despite the fact his stats indicate his main deterrent was his lack of minutes.

    Beasley will show people how he scored 19.2 points per game just two years ago.

Luis Scola: Overvalued

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    Don't get me wrong, the addition of Luis Scola will be huge for the team. It's just hard to see Scola ranked at No. 68.

    Scola is coming off another steady year, and still has plenty of post moves, but is he really better than some of the players below him?

    The Argentine is ranked ahead of Tyreke Evans (69), Jrue Holiday (73) and Paul George (75).

    No disrespect to Scola, but these guys deserve to be ranked higher than him. You can't tell me NBA teams would choose Scola over those names.